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How do you uninstall and then reinstall Windows XP?


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Set your bios to boot from CD-Rom. (you might need assistance for this) Insert your Windows XP installation CD-Rom. Restart your computer and follow the prompts. Find someone who is moderately computer literate to sit through the process

with you. (if you 're not confident enough to do this on your own)

Although not difficult, some parts can be a bit confusing. There is no need to uninstal xp as it will be overwritten. beware tho' all the data on the ' C ' DRIVE will be lost if you need to ' REPAIR ' windows do a google search for a more detailed

re installation procedure ---- Edit/Clairification: My colleague is correct. No "un-installation" is needed. Just insert the Windows XP disc into the drive and reboot the computer. It should begin automatically. The specific steps of the installation depend on the type of computer you are installing it on as well as where.