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first take your ashtray out. theres a screw that you need to take out right behind it, this is the only screw you need to take out. After this carefully pull on the bottom of the plastic. it should pop out on the bottom. then take a regular screwdiver and pop the rest off.theres a is a clip for all the wires unclip it and youll need to buy a clip for the CD player.

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Q: How do you uninstall factory radio and or head unit in 1997 Mazda Protege?
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How do you uninstall factory radio and or head unit in 1999 Mazda 626?

use ford factory radio removal keys

Where is the PCM located in a Mazda Protege 1996?

Under the console directly under radio and hvac controls

Does the factory radio in 1994 Mazda 626 cronos have rca outputs?

Your radio DOES NOT have RCA outputs.

Factory radio wiring diagram for a 1994 Mazda truck?

color code fro radio hook up

How do you remove the factory radio in a 1999 Mazda Protege?

basically what you can do is remove the plastic strips around the radio to find the holes. then use a ford key tool (if unavailable just use a coat hanger) to stick it in the holes and pull it out. i had the same problem. if you need further information email me at

How do you unlock radio code on 93 Mazda 626?

as long as it is the factory radio, go to your nearest Mazda dealer and they should be able to get the code using your VIN number. good luck

How do you uninstall a factory radio from a 88 Honda accord?

You must remove the dash trim then remove the screws holding the radio in place then pull out the radio and unplug the wiring harness and antenna cable.

How do you install an aftermarket radio in a 1998 Mazda Protege?

Order a stereo from Crutchfield. That is what I did. You tell them you have a Mazda Protege 1998 and they send all the harnesses and DIN tools you need. All you need is a flathead screwdriver, soldering iron and some solder, electrical tape, wire strippers. I had a little trouble figuring out where to ground my Kenwood stereo, but I figured out you can hook it up to the Protege's black and yellow wire that used to plug into the back of the factory stereo.

Where is the air bag module on a Mazda Protege?

The module is located behind the center console, right in the middle behind the radio and everything on the carpet behind it all.

Where can you get a picture of a fusebox diagram of a 1996 Mazda protege for the radio fuse?

Try looking on the back of the fuse box cover, there is often a diagram there. If not it should be in the owner's manual.

Where is the flasher unit on a 1992 Mazda Protege?

Not 100% sure but I think its the relay on top of the fuse box right over the pedals on the RHD models - for Mazda 323 diesel. Casper I replaced this on my 92 protoge and it is behind the radio

You took out a deck from your 03 Mazda protege and the radio and your remote to unlock the doors wont work any help?

Have you tried to put it back? It may just work, if you want to replace the radio I would bring it to the dealer

Removal of stock stereo in 2001 Mazda protege?

According to my brother (who is a mechanic), The stock stereo in the protege requires radio removal tools (2 sets) to remove -- you can get them at just about any parts store. Just carefully remove the molding around the radio, insert the tools all the way and then pull them outward to release the clips. The radio should just slide out.

How do you install a after market radio into 1999 Mazda Protege?

You will need to purchase a dash kit and the wiring harness. You can find these at . I used this to put an after market in my 2003 Protege5.

What does the tail light fuse have to do with the radio in a 1998 Mazda protege?

have two fuse boxes in this vehichle one under the dashboard on thedriver side one under the hood by the battery

What causes a spark plug to blow out on a Mazda Protege?

This is due to the right rear tire pressure not balancing with the left front tire when your radio is tuned to a country and western channel.

How do you remove the radio on a 2000 Mazda Protege?

I removed my Mazda radio recently and it took 1-1/2 hours. First, you have to remove the box under the radio with a large (1/4 inch) and very tiny screwdriver or strong metal, to get access to : 2 press large and strong buttons, one each side of the radio. I had to push and pull frequently to release both side. Be gently and the radio will come out.

How do you uninstall a factory radio from a Honda 2001 CR-V?

Go to this site and read this!

Sony car stereo says Aux but you cant find the output?

If it is Factory, it will be on the bottom of the dash or on the control panel. It is possible to be at the back of the radio. You may have to uninstall it.

How do you remove the radio from a 1998 Mazda Protege and does the dash have to come out?

You need a special tool. It is like steal "U". The other thing that I did is just pull it out with all your energy. You will brake some supports on right and left sides but that radio is garbage.

How do you get the CD player out of a 2000 Mazda Protege?

The factory stereo can be removed very easily with a specialized tool called a DIM. I received this tool when I purchased an upgrade radio from Crutchfield. The tool is a pair of metal U shaped "horseshoes". Simply remove two panels from each side of the radio and insert the DIMS fully to unlock the radio chasis from the mount. Then simply pull the stereo out. Takes less than 5 minutes tops.

How do you get CD out of a Mazda tribute multi CD player?

I have a 2001 MAZDA tRIBUTE WITH A FACTORY 6 DISK CD CHANGER. Can't get cds to load or eject. Radio and cassteet player work fine.

'How do you get the CD player out of a 2000 Mazda Protege'?

There are two holes on either side of your radio.. if you dont have the tool to remove it, try bending a wire coathanger in a U shape and pry away. good luck

Does your 2001 Mazda millenia radio have preouts?

No the factory head unit on a 2001 Mazda Millenia does not have pre outs. You can easily make your own pre outs if you want to keep your factory head unit with a line output converter (LOC). The converter takes the wires from the back of the radio to the rear speakers and converts them into 2 RCA pre outs. Hope this helped.

What is the radio wiring for 1991 Mazda B2600i?

Attached in the links below are diagrams for the factory radio and the related dash panels to remove it. I've also posted some additional links for future reference.