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Q: How do you unlock Paladin in AQW?
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How do you become necromancer in aqw?

you must do the necropolis storyline and have 10 undead slayer badges to unlock it. same goes for paladin and death knight.

What is the paladin shop id in aqw?

38 = Paladin Class Shop ID 15 = Yulgar Paladin Storeroom

Do you need to be member to be a paladin in aqw?


What is the paladin high lord class code for aqw?


Aqw how to bacome a paladin?

First you must get level 10 healer then level 10 warrior then you can talk to artix and you will do paladin quest. You MUST be a member do have paladin class

Should you get paladin or evolved shaman in aqw?

I would prefer evolved shaman it is way better then paladin by overall spells.

Is paladin armor for members in AQw?

Paladin armor is for free and member. There is a cheat you can do. You also have to be level 10 warrior and healer to use it.

What is the codes to paladin slayer class in aqw?

You must buy The Cards.

How much gold does the crimson paladin armor cost in aqw?

about 1000 gold

What is a paladin highlord code for aqw?

Its 475852304548 mine is that

What is the best class for members in aqw?

Well i think it can be evolved Clawsuit,pumpkin lord and Paladin.

How can you unlock etherstorm at aqw?

Lol You must be a member on aqw to access etherstorm!

How do you get paladin class on aqw?

You will need to become a member and get Rank 10 in both Warrior and Healer classes. After that, you have to goto Artix in Sword haven and complete his quests to access his paladin shop

How do you get paladin class in aqw without member?

get rank 10 healer and warrior and rank 5 good

How do you unlock blindingsnow aqw?

You can't, it is impossible.

Do you have to be a member to unlock all skills in paladin?

Yes you have to have an Dragon Amulet to unlock all skills for the Paldin armor.

How do you unlock AQW?

what do you mean unlock? You just sign up and register for the game then play it.

Where to get paladin class in aqw?

In this game you need to be rank 10 healer and rank 10 warrior. Then go to swordhaven and find Artix. You'll get it from him.

What are the moves for paladin class in aqw?

auto attack,abolish,empower,blinding light, andeternal light

How do you unlock Drakath's Account in AQW?

by getting choronmancer class

How can you unlock the shop of david in aqw?

finish all of his quests.

How do you unlock nulgath's shop in aqw?

Finish the lair quests.

How do you unlock the quests in Swamps of mudluk on AQW?

Its really hard

How do you get paladin class in aqw?

You have to be rank 10 warrior and healer and upgraded. Then you have to do Artix's paladin quests, they are mostly really easy, all you do is kill Jack Sprat like 15 times, kill two swamp lurkers and kill werewolf in Willows Creek.

What is the unlock code of supermarket mania?