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How do you unlock a door that won't open?

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Try taking the door panel off and reaching through the holes to unlock it. It may be hard getting door panel off but it can be done. You may have to get in on opposite side if the door is in the way taking panel offi have had to remove the seat on some models.

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Why does the alarm go off when opening the door?

my hand set wont unlock my doors with new batteries and when i unlock the door with the key and open it the alarm sounds and wont let me start the car

How do you open a 2003 Taurus when the battery is dead and the keys wont manually unlock?

Why will the key not unlock the door? If you are using the correct key it should unlock the door. Try both doors. If it will not work you need to call a locksmith to come and unlock the car door with a slim jim.

How do you unlock the passenger door when it has locked when trying to open the car?

You use your key to unlock the door. Then it will be open. If not, a locksmith can help.

How do you get a car door open that wont open from the outside?

Go in from another door and open it from the inside.

How can someone get out of a new car?

Unlock and open the door.

How do you open rear door of a 2004 srx cadillac without remote?

To unlock the rear door ???just push the unlock button on the drivers side door on the in side and it will unlock all doors and the rear door also. then Just pill on the outside rear door handle and it will open., push the button 2 times to unlock all doors.

2004 Ford Expedition rear hatch wont open?

On my '02' Expedition the rear actuator went up leaving the door stuck in the locked position, the key nor the key fob would unlock the door. I had to get a locksmith to unlock the door to get the rear panel off then take it in to get the actuator replaced. If this is your problem then if you get a locksmith to unlock the rear door, make sure you take the panel off so you can unlock it from inside.

How do you open a clo se front door?

Insert key in the door lock and turn to unlock the door.

How do you open the fuel door to pump gas for 2000 clk 430?

You have to unlock the car with the key fob and it will also unlock the fuel door. Simply push towards the right and it will open.

How do you open the gas door on a 2008 Nissan Pathfinder?

clicking the door unlock switch on the drivers door or key fob will unlock a fuel door actuator lock that locks the fuel door. Then all you should have to do is gently push the front of the fuel door toward the vehicle and the door will swing open.

How do you open rear door if window wont come down on 1990 ford bronco Eddie baurer?

A person a can open the rear door from the inside. Get into the car from another door that will open and open it from the there.

Why wont any doors open on my golf with the fob other than drivers door?

The golf door mechanism is set to unlock the drivers door only. This is a safety measure, it allows the driver to get into the car and control who gets into the passenger side of the car.

Drivers side ford Explorer door wont unlock?

If you are referring to your power door lock on the driver's door, I know that on my 1995 Explorer XLT, in the jack storage compartment there are relays for driver door unlock/all door unlock/all door lock/ and two more relays for interior lamps and trailer park lamps.

How do you disable the alarm on a 1988 300zx?

shut the door lock and then unlock it again if this doesn't work on ur model leave door open unlock trunk...

How do you unlock the jabba the hutt door in Lego Star Wars the complete saga?

if you want to open the jabba the hutt door you have to unlock all the bounty hunters.

How do you unlock door with slim Jim 2003 dodge truck?

I how do you unlock the doorI locked my keys in the car if you have a slim jim where would you put it to open the door

How do yo open the right backdoor of a BMW 745i when battery is flat?

use your key to unlock the driver door and manually unlock the right back door

How do you unlock a Ford Escape with out a key?

Wedge open drivers door, insert rod push unlock button

Car fuse blowing out after open door?

i have a 1998 nissian altima the original key wont open the door what do i do could this be a fuse issue

How do you get gas door open when lock switch or key to car will not unlock gas door?

You'll need a professional locksmith to open the lock without damaging the lock and door .

How can you open your room door if its locked?

Use a coin to unlock the door or use force towards the door nob till it opens

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