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I once forgot my Dell laptop password on Windows 7. Finally I used Windows Password Key to unlock my computer. It can unlock other Windows passwords like Windows Vista/XP/8. Here are detailed steps below. Hope to help you.

1. Download Windows Password Key, install and launch it on another available PC. Inset a USB flash drive into it. Click "Burn".

2. Insert the newly created USB drive to the locked computer. Set USB drive as the first boot device in BIOS setup. This computer will reboot.

3. Reset your laptop password with the burned USB.

You can download it from
Go onto someone elses account. ( Always have a a guest account with no password) Control Panel\User Accounts and Family Safety's Accounts/ Manage another account

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How to log on to my toshiba laptop if i forget my password?

To log on to your Toshiba laptop after you have forgotten your password, you will need a boot CD and a password remover.

How do you disable password unlock for laptop?

It's not recommended to to that you disable passowd for you Admin account because it will leave your laptop more vulnerable to viruses. But if you must: 1. open control panel 2. go to User Accounts and Family Safety. 3. click on User Accounts 4. Click Remove Password it should no longer ask you for password unlock when you boot the laptop.

How do you unlock a laptop that uses Window 7 if you forgot you password?

How to find laptop password for Windows 7- Bypass laptop Windows 7 password with built-in administrator accountA. Power on laptop PC and press the key: F8.B. At the windows of Advanced Boot Options, opt for "Safe Mode with Command Prompt" and confirm with key: Enter. Then PC starts Windows.C. Select "Administrator" account shown on the account screen, and then access the windows - Administrator: cmd.exe.D. Input command: net user Merry 123 and confirm with Enter. (Merry is the account required to reset password; 123 is the new password for account Merry).Please note that the administrator account will be useful only we had set it enable. (The default status is disable.)to get more helpful info, u can search the method source:Forgot Laptop Password | How to Reset Lost Laptop Administrator Password

How do you unlock bitlocker?

To unlock Microsoft bitlocker you need to enter your password at boot time. If you have lost your password then you need to reformat and start over.

How to log on to computer if forgot password with Windows XP?

Get someone to create a Linux boot CD with a utility on it that enables you to overwrite the windows password.

What do you do if you can not log in to your computer?

Not logging in means the user is locked or you have forgot the password. If there is an administrator of the computer, then call the administrator to unlock or reset the password. If it is your own property, then boot the computer from a bootable disk, copy all your data from the computer into another drive and reinstall the operating system.

How do you override password to get into your laptop forgotten password windows vista?

You can usually hit F8 as the computer is starting up to boot into safe mode, from where you can become the administrator and override the password in the control panel.

How do you unlock your hp laptop if you have forgotten your password for windows 7?

I will use Windows Password Key to unlock it ,because I think it is easy and efficient to use. Here are steps that you can follow: Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Key in another accessible PC. Step 2: Run the downloaded file to install Windows Password Key Standard. You can install it on any PC you have access to. Step 3: Windows Start menu - From your Microsoft Windows Start Programs menu, select Windows Password Key Standard. It will be launched automatically. Step 4: Using a Windows Password Key boot-able CD/DVD to reset Windows password or using a Windows Password Key boot-able USB Flash Drive to reset windows password.

How do I boot up my Laptop windows vista because it will not start up?

How do I boot up my Laptop windows vista because it will not start up?

How do you get into windows when you forget your password?

Forgot your Windows password? Don't worry - it happens to a lot of people.Vista and Windows 7 allow you to create a password reset disk.If you installed Windows XP, boot up Windows XP in Safe Mode and log on with the built-in administrator account.Besides,using Windows Password Reset tool is a good chance.

How can you fix your laptop?

insert boot disc

How do you remove a primary hdd boot password for your gateway computer?

As a laptop repair tech I see this problem often and there are only 2 ways to remove the HDD password on your Gateway computer. First way is to contact Gateway Support and they can calculate the HDD master password for your hard drive.

How do you unlock seat ibiza boot?

click 'unlock' on key fob twice

Why does the boot unlock on your car when you start the engine?

Are you pressing the "unlock boot switch" on your key as you turn it in the ignition? Might seem a daft question, but it happens!

How do you unjam the lock on a peurgot boot?

the boot lock is jammed and I cant get it to unlock so that I can secure the car - how do I unlock it please? Key wont work

What is the name of file that has boot password in it in Windows XP?

The boot password is a feature provided by the motherboard (hardware) and is not stored in a file on the disk that WindowsXP could access.

Can lightning strike your laptop?

yes, but after a laptop has been striked by lightning, it will most likely not boot.

What is the risk to have password for the boot loader?

If you forget the password, you won't even be able to turn on the computer.

How do you lock the IBM laptop t43?

A physical cable lock port (like a Targus cable lock which secures the laptop to a table to prevent theft) is next to the T43's USB ports on the left side. It looks like a vertical slot.To prevent access to the T43 at Boot up, you can set a BIOS password that will require you to enter the password as soon as you power up . To set the password, Hit F1 when you are starting the laptop and change the password from the BIOS menu. Important, unlike a PC, if you forget the T43's BIOS password ... no one can reset or recovery it.If you are using Windows, simply set password protection on the Windows Screensaver.

How can you prevent someone from reinstalling windows on your laptop?

Find a computer where you can add a password in the bios. Doing so, you can setup your bios to boot from hard drive first before booting from the DVD drive. No windows install DVD will be able to re install windows since the hard drive will boot first.Then, in windows, setup you account as admin and add a password for it if there is no password. Setup a guest account for other windows users. That's it.

Do you need a disk to reset Admin password for my MacBook Pro laptop?

If you know the old password then you can go to Accounts in the System Preferences and change it there.If you can't remember it then if your computer came "Brand New" with a disk then yes you need the disk to boot to to change the password. If it came without a disk and you have to boot to the reinstallation/ Utility/restore partition (sorry, can't remember the right name) then you just reboot into that partition and do the same thing.

You heve got a problem you forgot your password and username so how to open your PC Pls help you as soon as possible?

When u got to boot the computer push F8 or delete and the go in safe mode! When u got to boot the computer push F8 or delete and the go in safe mode!

How do you format hp laptop due to lost password And windows wont startup at all?

to format a hp laptop you should use the recovery cds. before using them make sure to select the option to boot from cd/dvd rom drive from the bios menu.

What to do if forgot laptop password?

A: USB password reset diskIf you have created a USB windows password crack disk before, just use the following tip to crack your laptop password.Step 1: When entering a wrong password, it will show you the Password hint and you can reset password. Click "Reset password"…… it will show you the "Password Reset Wizard".Step 2: Click "NEXT" and select your USB password key disk drive to reset the password with a new one.Step 3: Then you can use the new password enter your computer.Note: The USB password reset disk only used in a certain account which you have created before.B: Burning a bootable USB Windows Password KeyIf you don't have a password reset disk and you need to regain access to your system with a few minutes, see below:Step 1: Prepare a 2GB USB flash drive and a computer which you can access to.Step 2 : Download Windows password key Professional and install it.Step 3: Run the program and burn the ISO image to the USB flash drive.Step 4: Use the USB to crack laptop password. But in this step, make sure your computer is boot from USB drive, you can set a BIOS if necessary. Don't worry if you have difficulty to bios setting, you can see more in the Windows Password Key website.

What does it mean if a dell laptop won't boot?

Battery is Down.

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