How do you unlock imei for iPhone 5c t mobile?

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You have to call T-Mobile and have them unlock the phone for you. IMEI numbers are important in phones and if something happens to it they need to make sure your information is secured.
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If an iPhone is unlocked can you use your t-mobile sim card and use the iPhone?

\nIn theory, yes. T-Mobile is actually the carrier for the iPhone in Germany.\n. \nKeep in mind, however, that unlocking an iPhone completely voids its warranty, and if anything happens to it, the only recourse is to purchase a new iPhone. Apple will not service a broken iPhone if it is unlocked.

Can a t-mobile user use a iPhone?

yes. However, it may or may not work on 3g because ATT and tmobile use different radio bands for their 3g networks

Why imei is used in mobiles?

Hi, I dont know when exactly IMEI is used with the network. But I guess... might be for Identification process, for ex,.. to provide your Mobile a way to get identified with the network so that network would route the call/messages or any kind of services that are availed to you ( You must know it i ( Full Answer )

Where to buy t-mobile iPhone?

Currently the iPhone 4S is not compatible with AWS networks such as the "4G" network T-Mobile uses. The only way you can use your iPhone on T-Mobile is this: . Purchase an Unlocked iPhone that has a SIM slot (starting at $649). You can buy one at the Apple store, or maybe Radioshack . Purchase a ( Full Answer )

Can you use iPhone with Solo Mobile if it's unlocked?

no Actually yes you can, Solo Mobile has now joined the HSPA Network in Canada and has also started using Sim cards, if you have an unlocked iPhone than go to your nearest solo mobile kiosk and buy a Sim card for 35$, pop it in and your good to go. Ive been using my iPhone for 2 weeks with solo, ( Full Answer )

Can a iPhone work with t mobile?

Yes it can. You either have to purchase an unlocked iPhone or jailbreak and unlock it yourself after you purchase it. This process does void any manufacturer warranty. First Jail Break it and then break baseband. there are two separate softwares which does that.

Can the imei be changed on an iPhone?

hi, lost my iphone4 in hyderabad,india,launched a complaint in PS heard and we can track our lost phone imei no but heard even iphone 4 imei number can be chaged is it possible ?

Can t mobile unlock the iPhone?

Yes, you can unlock your phone using i have used their software and it works a treat, also it gives you lifetime upgrades, so when apple release an updated firmware on itunes, you can update to it, then unlock your phone again at no extra cost. . When unlocking for t-mobil ( Full Answer )

Is it necessary to have AT and T sim in iPhone for unlocking the iPhone?

Firstly, AT&T is spelt with an '&' symbol.. Secondly, if your purchased your iPhone from the online Apple Store, the handset will already be unlocked and you can use any service with the handset. However if you purchased the handset on a network service plan, you will need need to contact your serv ( Full Answer )

Is the iPhone for T Mobile?

No it is not. It is for AT&T unless you "jailbreak" and "unlock" an iphone. Instructions to do this can be found on the internet.

How do you unlock a t mobile blackberry?

It's a fully detailed guide on how to unlock a BlackBerry : 1. Insert any sim card 2. Turn off all of the wireless connections 3. Go to Options 4. Select Advanced Options 5. Select SIM Card 6. Hit menu select show keyboard (where needed) 7. Type MEPD or MEPPD (you will not be ab ( Full Answer )

How unlock T Mobile g1?

You can unlock Tmobile using codes that can be purchased from anyvendors online like

Is it worth it to get an iPhone with T-Mobile?

as of right now, tmobile doesnt have the iPhone. only Verizon and at&t. there have been rumors that they will be getting it soon. if you already have t-mobile i would suggest the galaxy s, htc sensation, or t-mobile G2x with Google. very fast phones. but if you are determined to get an iPhone, i sug ( Full Answer )

Unlock a t-mobile tap?

Every time you change the sim card you must unlock the previous network provider.For that using codes is one of the easiest way.

Does t-mobile have iphones?

I think any of the newer phones has an iphone if you mean camera. I was told that most of the new phones you will have to have that even with the internet hooked up you won't have a choice but to have all that.

How can you get the unlock code if you have the IMEI?

All SIM unlock codes are tied to the particular device IMEI and are carrier specific. The request for that code would need to be made from the carrier that the phone was originally manufactured for. Each carrier has their own guidelines as far as what requirements have to be met before that code wil ( Full Answer )

Does T Mobile Have The iPhone?

Not yet in the US (nobody really knows when), but outside the US, some T-Mobile subsidiaries do, from what I've read. If you use your iPhone in the US, you can unlock your iPhone using one of several hacking tools, and then T-Mobile will be happy to sign you up, either for phone-only service, or ( Full Answer )

How to permanent unlock 2012 new iphone with imei?

Apple N berry annouced about the permenent IMEI unlock method for the new AT&T iPhone. I found about the subject from the google. May be it help your or not. Check the related link for it

How can get your mobile to imei no?

The IMEI of any handset can be found either by removing the battery (it's printed inside the phone under where the battery is) - OR, dial star hash zero six hash *#06# on the handset, and the phone will display the IMEI number.

How do you unlock iPhone 5 with bell mobility?

You have to own it first. They will not unlock an iPhone 5 that is still being subsidised. Then you have to pay Bell Mobility $75 to unlock it. You must pay with a credit card.

What is the unlock code for IMEI 012281008321541?

You need to contact your service provider for your Phone Unlock Key (PUK). They are the only people who will know which PUK has been assigned to your handset. You will be expected to provide some security information relating to the account before they will issue you with the PUK.

How do you disable mobile via imei?

You don't - the network can disable it by blocking it through their computer database. Only the network can remove the block on an IMEI.

When is iPhone 5c coming out?

Apple started accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 5C on 13 September 2013, and will be released in stores on 20 September 2013.

How much does the iPhone 5c cost?

$99 It depends if you get a contract and from who your buying it from. Amazon is cheap and contract free.

Which is better the iPhone 5c or iPhone 5s?

The iPhone 5c is essentially an iPhone 5, but with a plastic casing. The iPhone 5s looks very similar to the iPhone 5, but has a 64-bit processor, Touch ID, better camera, and new colors (white/silver, gold). the 5s because it has better service but it dosent have diffrentcolrs just silver gold and ( Full Answer )

How can you connect your iPhone 5C to wifi?

I have the CISCO 2921-V/K9 router. To connect your iPhone 5c to wifi, you need reset your router's password. Following the guide to solve problem: (See related Link)

What does the c in iPhone 5c mean?

Some people say that the 'c' stands for cheap, because the iPhone 5is made out of plastic (polycarbonate frame reinforced with steel).There is no answer to what the 'c' means but it is presumed that itmeans colour because the 5c comes in 5 colors.

How do you get your iPhone 5c to ring not vibrate?

First go to your Settings. Open the Sound tab. At the "Ringer andAlerts" section turn the volume up. If you want to vibrate and ringthen turn on the "Vibrate on Ring". If you don't, then don't turnit on.

How much is an iPhone 5c in Euros?

According to the Apple Store (link below) Without a service contract: -iPhone 5c - 16GB: $549 (404 Euros) -iPhone 5c - 32GB: $649 (478 Euros) With a service contract: -iPhone 5c - 16GB: $99 (73 Euros) -iPhone 5c - 32GB: $199 (147 Euros) Prices may vary depending on where you purch ( Full Answer )

Can you change the color of your iPhone 5c?

The iPhone 5c comes in 5 colours, pink, green, white, blue andyellow. You can buy different colour cases. You can also changeyour background on you lock screen and home screen.

Should I get the iPhone 5c?

There are many people who really like the iPhone 5C. If you likeApple products, you would most likely enjoy the colored iPhone.

How do you unlock an iPhone 5c?

If you own the phone and have forgotten the lock, you'll have to take it to your phone retailer with proof that you own the phone (for example a printed copy of your phone bill). If you do not own the phone legally, you have to hand it in to the nearest iPhone/Apple retailer or the local police. At ( Full Answer )

Is the IPhone 5c worth it?

The answer to this is always subjective, based on what you'relooking for in a phone. If you like the iPhone, then you willprobably like the 5c. If you prefer the Galaxy series (or anotherAndroid phone), you might loathe the 5c. If you're coming from a Blackberry or a Windowsphone, you might be ind ( Full Answer )

How much is the iPhone 5c?

IPhone 5 body size: 123.8x58.6x7.6mm iphone 5C body size: 124.4x59.2x8.97mm iphone 5S body size: 123.8x58.6x7.6mm from three mobile phone book terrorist spending than watchers noteberth Lu body size parameters of the chips can be seen, the iPhone5 and the iPhone 5S size and thickness are the same, i ( Full Answer )