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Boot into BIOS or Safemode and check there

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Q: How do you unlock lap top that is locked by windows?
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Hewit and packard lap top that has ben locked by windows how can you unlock it?

You might want to edit the question so that it is more clear, do you mean that you dont have your password? If that is the case, try to log on as an aministrator, it might be a different password, or not have a password at all. Otherwise, you might just have to reinstall windows.

Can an xbox 360 disc go in a windows 8 lap top?

no it cannot

What do you do when you can't get into your locked ipod?

Type in your code or unlock the thing at the top. If you can't get in with the code just reset it.

Is it advisable to install the Windows XP Service Pack 3?

Yes. I installed it on my lap top and it works great.

Can a boggle CD for Windows 95 that worked on Windows XP be used on Windows Vista?

it can work on XP but not vista still looking for one to work on vist Imiss playing it on my new lap top yes you on my can use it on XP but not vista i miss playing it on my new lap top if you find it to work on vist let me know

What is the difference of a computer and a lap-top?

the difference betweem them is the computeris not wireless and a lap top can be wireless

Who made lap tops?

who made the first lap top?

How do you unlock iPod?

"how do iI unlock a ipod that was locked" I don't exactly understand this answer, so for the rest of us here's a simple answer. To unlock an iPod, all you have to do is check the slider at the top that says hold. There could be complications to this if there is a combination for the iPod.

Can you play music offline?

Depends windows media yes . YouTube Pandora grooveshark etc.. you can't. But if its your music on your comp or lap top you could

How can you on bluetooth in your lap top?

Where was the lap top made?


Can you get a free lap top free?


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