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Try using the key to open the lock mechanism while the door is unlocked.

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โˆ™ 2008-03-29 15:26:46
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Q: How do you unlock rear hatch of ford escort wagon when door is open and latch is stuck closed?
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How do you manually unlock the rear hatch window of a 2004 Jeep Liberty?

You open the back hatch door and pull the panel away from the latch and push down on the lever to the lock the lock will then pop open and you can shut the hatch

How do you manually open the rear hatch of a 2002 beetle?

To manually open the rear hatch of a 2002 beetle can be hard depending on weather the hatch is closed or open. If needing to manually open a hatch you will have to take the plastic cover from the inside of the hatch then push the latch open.

The rear hatch does not lock on 2002 rendezvous?

May be a BCM glitch or the rear trunk latch there is a recall from gm about the rear hatch latch

How do you glue rear window latch on ford escape?

glue hatch window latch

Where is the switch located that cuts off the kia spectra hatchback open hatch signal after the hatch is closed?

you have to remove plastic panel on the hatch and either disconnect the electrical wire running to the latch, or move the metel clip that touches the pin to turn the light on and off

How do you take back hatch latch off 93 escort wagon when it's stuck closed?

I took the bolts off the lock from the inside. Once it was lose I could see the lock well enough to pop it open w/a screwdriver. Once opened I was able to take the panel off and fix the problem.

The Back hatch latch will not open?

The back hatch will often not open if the internal mechanism or release has become damaged. Replacing the latch is the most effective and reliable fix.

How do you open the rear lift gate on a 1995 Mercury Villager if the neither the unlock switch nor the key unlock the latch?

Unfortunately I've been having the same issue. If I lock the car, then unlock the car, the hatch won't open. If I drive it once or twice without locking the car again, the hatch is magically unlocked. I wish I knew the logical answer to this problem!

What rhymes with latch?

batch, match, hatch,catch,patch,attach,

All your power locks work with the remote except the rear hatch with the other doors locked if you try to open the hatch it sets off the alarm please help?

i need to find out if the rear headliner lights stay on when rear hatch is closed,if it stays on you will need to replace the latch,to get to it you will to remove trim that is oevr the tag,and the plastic panel that is on the hatch.

How do you unlock the safety latch for children in the backdoor of a 94 Lincoln?

Open the door and look where the latch is there should be a black lever push it down and it should unlock the door.

How does a 1975 Chevy Corvette latch work?

You put your fingers on the latch and pull down. the latch is stuck closed will not operate auto or manual

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