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You simply input the original "Rock Band" unlock code -- Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue -- in the game modifier screen. Once the code is entered, the unlock song modifier will be unlocked. Voila! You have just unlocked all of the songs available in "Rock Band 2."

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Q: How do you unlock songs on Rock Band 2?
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Do you need to unlock all songs in Rock Band 2 in order to export into Rock Band 3?


How many songs are in rock band 2?

84 songs are in Rock Band 2.

Can you play rock band 2 songs on rock band 3?

Yes. Rock Band 2 songs work with Rock Band 3. HOWEVER, you can NOT use Rock Band 3 songs in Rock Band 2, and DLC released after the release of Rock Band 3 will not work on Rock Band 1 or 2.

Can you transfer rock band songs to rock band 2 on the Wii?


Can you transfer rock band one songs to rock band 2?

Yes you can

Can you download any songs onto rock band 2?

No. The only way to download songs for Rock Band is through the Rock Band store.

Do rock band and rock band 2 have the same downloadable songs?

Rock Band 2 doesn't start out with the same songs as the first game, but you can purchase some of the songs from the first game in the store, as well as new songs.

Can you put rock band 2 songs on rock band 1?

No. You can, however, put Rock Band 1 songs on Rock Band 2 for a $5 export fee. See below for a guide to importing/exporting different Rock Band games.

How do you unlock almost easy on rock band 2?

When you play alote of songs on your acount it will give you more songs and almost easy is one of them(IF YOU HAVE A ACOUNT ON ROCKBAND THEN PLAY SONGS AND UNLOCK NEW ONES)(almost easy is one of them

How do you transfer rock band songs to rock band 2?

they just have to be on your hard drive

What is the password to transfer songs from Rock Band to Rock Band 2?

It should do it automatically if you have the songs purchased on the hard drive.

What are the best rock band and rock band 2 songs?

for rock band 2 i like shaklers revenge and painkiller for rock band 1 i like foreplay/longtime.

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