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Q: How do you unlock the anti form in Kingdom of Hearts 2?
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How can you get in anti form in kingdom hearts 2?

it is random. you cant unlock it it just sometimes happens

How do you get anti form in Kingdom of Hearts 2?

you suck nick

How do you get kingdom form in kingdom hearts 2 for PS2?

There is no such thing as a Kingdom Form, only Valor, Wisdom, Master, Final and Anti

In kingdom hearts 2 how do you get anti form?

There is not set way. whenever you use any from there is a chance of using anti form

Final Form in Kingdom Hearts 2?

You unlock it randomly after after encountering roxas when you use a drive form

Who is Anti-Sora?

Anti Sora is the dark part of Sora's heart, summoned by Riku in Neverland during the first Kingdom Hearts. This should not be confused with Anti-Form Sora, which is a special drive-form obtained almost at random when fighting heartless in Kingdom Hearts II.

How can you have fly in Kingdom Hearts?

Kingdom Hearts: there is a special ability you can earn and equip to the shared abilities, called glide; super-glide. Kingdom Hearts 2: you must unlock final form. go into final form and jump with circle, then hold square to glide.

How do you get anti form in the drive menu on kingdom hearts 2 without cheating?

It cannot be done!

How do you obtain anti- form in Kingdom Hearts?

Keep using the other forms, then it automatically turns anti-form. But you can't choose when you get it.Or select it from the command menu

How do you get anti-Sora in Kingdom Hearts 2?

just use 1 form such as final form about let's see 12 or 14 times

How can you become antiform in Kingdom Hearts 2?

I have found that anti-form is not random at all. It appears when you change into a form while an enemy is attacking you. If you change into a form before entering a battle, anti-form never appears.

How do you unlock the key hole in hallow bastion in kingdom hearts 1?

You'll have to go before the Construction site then its a clip form then on out.