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Pull the radio out. On top of the radio there is a 4 digit number that's how you unlock it.. My car is a 2001 Leganza daewoo and the number is 4316.

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โˆ™ 2006-02-24 00:18:22
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Q: How do you unlock the code on the CD player on a Daewoo Leganza?
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How do you unlock the code on the CD player on a Daewoo Leganza cdx 1998?

Remove the radio(carefully). The code is on the back Wow, real theft detterent

How do you enter security code on 2000 deawoo leganza?

How do reset security code on a daewoo laganza

How do you set the radio stations in a 2001 leganza daewoo?

My code was 1156 or 1165 I don't know if this will help you

Is there an overview for a Daewoo Leganza engine?

w21x-pehx-susa-s6ke its the code for webkniz you can use it over and over

Daewoo akf-0676ja code serial number 96334689?

You are looking for the unlock code for your stereo. Call the Daewoo dealer with the serial number of your radio and they can give you the unlock code.

You got obd2 code p1780 on MY Daewoo Leganza 1999 What is that?

The code p1780 indicated a fault in the park/neutral position switch. It has either failed or is out of adjustment.

How do you reset radio in a Daewoo Leganza?

The only way [ know of is to have the factory code that comes with the car. If you get lucky i have found it written in the owners manual.

What is the code to unlock the radio in your 1999 Daewoo Lanos?

If you are looking for a specific code to unlock your radio, check your owners manual. Look in the manual under radio.

What is the code to unlock the radio in your Dawoo Nubira?

I have daewoo nubira 2001 year. please help me about unlock the radio in my car.

What is the unlock code for a Daewoo radio?

4 digit number that you can get for free from You need to give daewoo the serial number off the radio. Dan

You got obd2 code p1780 on your Daewoo Leganza What is that?

P1780 Push - Pull Sensor Mal, could you please explain what the push - pull sensor is please?

What is the code to unlock the CD player on a Saturn SC1?

how do i get the code to unlock stock cd player on 1996 saturn

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