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How do you unlock all guitar shapes on guitar hero world tour?

Well, you have to do career mode on guitar. And you should have all of them after you beat it.

How do you get byob on guitar hero world tour?

Unlock it at the 2009 countdown on the Times Square Gig.

How do you unlock everything for Guitar hero World tour?

Unlock Quickplay Press Blue, Blue, Red, Green(2), Blue(2), Yellow.

What do the 2 things on the back of a Guitar Hero World Tour Guitar Do?

One detaches the guitar neck and two it unlocks or locks the faceplate unlock so you can remove it and put a new one

How do i unlock all songs in guitar hero world tour for 360?

you have to come to my house from christopher doherty

How do you unlock singing in Guitar Hero 2?

You cannot sing in Guitar Hero 2. Microphones can only be used in Guitar Hero World Tour, 5, Warriors of Rock, Metallica, and Van Halen.

Can you unlock any led zeplian people in guitar hero world tour?

There are no Led Zeppelin songs nor characters in any guitar hero game to date.

How do you unlock sweet child of mine on guitar hero world tour?

The only way to get on world tour is to play it on GHMix or in the recording studio

Is through the fire and flames on guitar hero world tour?

No, I have used the cheat to unlock all quickplay songs and it is not there.

Can you create a song with words on guitar hero world tour?

You use the keyboard to make the tune on the highway then you sing along yourself

On guitar hero world tour how do you unlock beat it?

Simply play through a Solo or Band Tour! For Solo play with a guitar (what I did) "Beat It" is unlocked for play about halfway through the game.

How do you unlock powertool dragon on Yugioh stardust accelerator world championship 2009?

Power Tool Dragon is not an available card or opponent in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Stardust Accelerator: World Championship 2009.

How do you unlock all the videos in Guitar Hero World Tour?

You have to finish all the careers in the game including : the guitar career , drum career , band career, mic career and bass career .

How do you unlock kk in animal crossing wild world?

You can't unlock K.K. Slider, the singing white Labrador Retreiver with his country guitar. But you can visit him at the Roost at every Saturday at 8 p.m.

How do you unlock rooftops on guitar hero world tour?

Just keep playing carrier until you beat the whole game. You should have the song by then

How do you get Mr Crowley on guitar hero world tour?

You unlock it at the Ozzfest venue in the career mode, it is just before the encore which is Crazy Train

Why don't I get sweet home Alabama in quick play on guitar hero world tour?

You need to get to a certain level to unlock some songs.

The longest highway in the world is the?

The longest highway in the world is the: Trans-Canada

How can you unlock Jimi Hendrix in guitar hero world tour?

you can't he only appears on stage when you play purple haze or the wind cries Mary

When was Guitar World created?

Guitar World was created in 1980.

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