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Q: How do you unlock the fire medallion on Luigi's mansion?
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How do you light the crystal ball in Luigis Mansion?

You light the crystal ball with the fire

How do you unlock cinnabar islands gym fire red?

find the key in Pokemon mansion.

How do you open the 7th gym in Pokemon fire red?

You can find the key to unlock the door in Pokemon mansion

How do you unlock the gym door in chamber island Pokemon fire red?

Did you mean Cinebar Island? If so it is in the mansion

What comes after the forest medallion in Zelda ocarina of time?

Fire medallion

How do you unlock the gym leader castle for Blaine in Pokemon fire red?

You have to go into Pokemon mansion. Find the key in the basement.

Why is the door locked to get inside the seventh gym on fire red?

That is easy. You have to go to the Pokemon mansion and find the key to unlock the gym.

How do you get fire medallion in wizard101?

There is no fire Medallion. However, there is a "Master of Fire" Badge that you recieve after you possess every spell below level 48. The ones after don't matter....

How do you get fire for Luigi's Mansion?

you earn it

Where is the gym leader to the cinnabar gym in Pokemon fire red?

You have to get the key to the gym in Pokemon Mansion, but after you unlock the entrance, he is already inside there, so it's assumed that he's already in there even before you unlock the entrance.

How do you get fire amulet in Zelda for Nintendo 64?

If by that you mean the Fire Medallion in Ocarina of Time, completing the Fire Temple will get you it.

How did count olaf put the baudelaire mansion on fire?

he was walking by the mansion and throw a lit match inside. it then put the place on fire.

How To Open Door in Pokemon Mansion in Fire Red?

Press the marowak switches in the mansion.

Where is the key in FireRed to unlock the seventh gym leader?

The 7th gym leader in fire red is Blaine in Cinnabar Island.To unlock The gym, u must go 2 the pokemon mansion,search the gym key in the basement.

How do you beat bowser in luigis mansion?

Whenever Bowser throws a spiky bomb, vacuum is so that it's at the end of your vacuum nozzle. when bowser bends down, stop vacuuming the bomb to fire it at his face.when king boo comes out, start vacuuming. repeat the process.

How do you unlock the gym in cinnabar island in pokemon firered?

revive a pokemon from a fossil and beat the fire gym leader Actually, you need to get the key from the Pokemon Mansion. It wouldn't make sense to require you to beat the gym in order to unlock the gym!

What started the Baudelaire mansion fire?

Count Olaf

What is the statue sequence in the mansion on Pokemon fire red?

that statues helps you to go to any corner you want in the mansion.

Did Bertrand Baudelaire died in the fire at the mansion?

I farted in the book ..

Where do you catch a growlith?

In the Pokemon mansion but only in fire red

Who are the 7 sages in Zelda orcana of time?

Light=That guy who you first meet when you turn into an adult=Gold Medallion Leaf=Your childhood friend,Saria=Green Medallion Fire=The Goron Chief,Darunia=Red Medallion Water=Your wife to be,Ruto=Blue Medallion Shadow=Zelda's attendant,Impa=Purple Medallion Spirit=The leader of the Gerudo,Nabooru=Orange Medallion Seventh=Hyrule Princess,Zelda=No Medallion but if there was it would be Pink

In dragonfable how do you unlock the north quest in the fire war?

Do all the quests to unlock it

Where can you find the key in the burning mansion in fire red?

baby fat

During what war was the president's mansion set on fire?

War of 1812

What floor in Pokemon mansion can you catch a vulpix in fire red?

on the roof