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you can't get it for the wii because halo is for Microsoft consoles and the wii is Nintendo


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You can't. It was added to that video of "Halo Guitar Hero". It wasn't actually him playing it.

You have to download it over Xbox Live.

You Dont. You can download the theme song off marketplace to be able to play halo's theme song on Guitar hero 3

You cannot unlock it for PS2. It was a free downloadable song for Xbox 360 and PS3, meaning PS2 users cannot get it.

Yes, but I'm afraid that it is only available on guitar hero III legends of rock on the Xbox 360 marketplace.

Halo is the best game ever and Guitar Hero is a good game but not as good as Halo.

Its for guitar hero 3, download-able content. Not rock band.

No, unless your a hacker, you cannot. Guitar Hero II only has Downloadable songs from Guitar Hero (1), & it is only for the 360. The PS2 is unable to download, well DLC, at least for Guitar Hero. If you do have Guitar Hero III for the PS3 or 360, the theme is downloadable off the store (I have a Wii, Version, don't ask me), and I beliveve it is FREE!

No. There is no way a song from an Xbox-exclusive game would ever be in a game for the Wii.

look @ the related link @ the bottom

The Halo theme is exclusive downloadable content for the PS3. So it's not possible.

If youre talking about the Xbox 360 Halo Edition... then yes, the Halo Edition functions just like any regular Xbox 360. Click on the "GProTab" link and it will directly download the tabs for the Halo theme.

You can't, its an Xbox 360 exclusive.

Halo 3. Guitar Hero World Tour sucks a big dirty chud. If you want to play a good shooter game, halo 3 is the way to gay. Good music game, play Rock Band 2. End of story

hi im Jon Michael i like halo 3 and guitar hero 3

What type of code do you need? Guitar Hero, Rockband, Call of Duty, Halo? BE SPECIFIC.Youtube account

to be honest with you. dont know i see a lot of people playing it on youtube. anyone know

It really depends on what kind of game you like. There is no true way to answer this question to everyone's satisfaction. Personally, if you have Xbox live I say halo 3, if not then maybe guitar hero 3 but there will be others that disagree, it's really just a personal choice.

Listening to music (all types), playing my guitar, playing video games (pereferably Guitar Hero, GTA, or Halo), and singing my heart out!

No, you have to have the headset that plugs into controller or the wireless one you can purchase...

The songs I've downloaded so far for Guitar Hero 3 are the Foo Fighter's pack which includes the hit, "The Pretender" and the Halo Mjouner Mix. Not so sure about any others. Hope this helps.

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