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b more specific what other island?

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Q: How do you unlock the other island in Pokemon FireRed?
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Wheres trainer tower in Pokemon firered?

Once you unlock the other islands it will be located North of the Pokemon Center on the Seventh island and you will have to surf a small amount of distance and you will be there in no time!

How do you get the other password to the warehouse in Pokemon FireRed?

island four or island five.

Birth island on Pokemon Diamond?

No, It is not on diamond it has only been released on Pokemon Firered, Leafgreen and Emerald other than that there is nothing.

How do you go to one island or any other island after you get back to cinnabar island in Pokemon blue version?

you can't they only put that in on the remakes of the game (firered and leafgreen)

Where is the day care in Pokemon FireRed?

There are 2 daycares in Firered you can find: One is right below Cerulean City, the other is located on Four Island it is the building right above the Pokemon Center you cannot miss it.

How do you trade Pokemon from pearl to Pokemon FireRed version?

you cant trade Pokemon from pearl to firered. you can only trade from firered to pearl because firered doesnt have the data. in other words no sinnoh Pokemon are in the firered pokedex and is completely unknown.No but you can trade fire red Pokemon to pearl

Were is the e-reader in Pokemon FireRed?

You will have to trade it from other pokemon.

Where is elikid in Pokemon FireRed?

Catch Electabuzz (can only catch in FireRed- not LeafGreen), and go to four island (have to have beaten elite four and gotten 60 Pokemon in pokedex to go to four island). Leave Electabuzz and some other Pokemon (preferably Ditto) in the daycare, come back after a while, get the egg from the man, and it will hatch into an Elekid.

How can you get multiple masterballs in Pokemon FireRed?

Trade masterballs from other games to firered.

Is there a way to get other starting Pokemon in other Pokemon games like Pokemon firered?

Yes migrate them.

Where is the other ruby that you get for Cello on Pokemon FireRed?

== == when you got to 4 5 6 7 AND SO ON Island Ill tell ye'!

Can you get an umbrion in Pokemon FireRed?

No but i think you can trade it from other Pokemon games

How can you get all three starter Pokemon on Pokemon firered?

you have to trade them from other Pokemon games

How do you get an egg in Pokemon FireRed?

Go to four island and go into the daycare put two Pokemon of opposite genders or a ditto and any other Pokemon walk around for awhile come back to four island and talk to the old man he will give you an egg.

Where is Articuno on Pokemon FireRed?

Articuno is found in a cave in the water across from cinabar island. You need Surf Stength and a few other HMS

Where do you catch sandshrew in Pokemon FireRed?

impossible unless if you trade it form Pokemon leafgreen or other related Pokemon games (except DS Pokemon games) . in other words it is a Pokemon version exclusive Pokemon like growlithe (firered) and vulpix (leafgreen)

What is the difference between Pokemon firered and leafgreen versions?

you can get Pokemon that are not in the other version

How can you steal trainers Pokemon on Pokemon FireRed?

Yo cant steal other trainer's pokemon

Is their a Pokemon center in firered?

yes like in all other Pokemon games there is a Pokemon center

What can you do after catching 120 Pokemon in FireRed?

Get the other 249.

How do you get to island 2 in firered?

Take the ferry from Vermilion City/Island One/any other island.

How do you get all Pokemon on FireRed?

There's no way in any Pokemon game that you can capture every Pokemon in a single version. You have to trade between other versions to receive the Pokemon firered cannot capture.

How could you activate mystery gift to unlock other Pokemon in firered?

Answer the survey at pokemart "Link Together With All". Reset and it will be at the game menu (wireless adapter needed to acess.)

What can you do on the seven islands on Pokemon FireRed?

Seven island has not much to offer in the north there is a trainer tower where you can test your Pokemon against other expert trainers. Also in the south you can capture Unowns in the tanoby chambers. Also this island is home to strong trainers this is a good area to train your Pokemon.

Where is Light Mountain in Pokemon Firered?

Light Mountain is not an existing location in Pokemon FireRed. Light Mountain doesn't exist in any other Pokemon media including the movies and comics.