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I don't know if the same goes for the MkIII Jettas, but on the MkIV Jettas the radio code is located on/beneath the spare tire in the trunk. Should be a 4 digit number.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-08 06:12:50
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Q: How do you unlock the radio in a Jetta 1995?
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How do you unlock VW 2008 Jetta radio?

To unlock the radio, there are many different codes. I just put a 2008 radio in my 2006 VW Jetta. Had to call the dealer to get the code. They need your VIN from the current car and the Serial number off the radio. My code was 0185, try that.

Can you use a 1998 or 1997 jetta radio in a 1995 jetta?

i believe you can but just make sure the radio is the same model and the one your taking out

How do you reset the radio security code on a 1995 jetta?

most car dealerships will help with unlock codes ... just call the jetta dealer and ask for service will be a 3-5 min phone conversation with you sitting in the car . as they walk you through it

How unlock the radio on 1995 Bbuick le Sabre?

If the Theftlock has locked the radio, and you do not have the code, you will need a GM dealer to unlock it.

You have 1992 VW Jetta with Heidelberg radio how do you enter radio code?

You have 1992 VW Jetta with Heidelberg radio how do you enter radio code

How do you decode the radio in a 1995 VW Jetta?

Take your car to the vw dealership and they will give will put the code into your radio, however they will most likely charge you $100 dollars for getting the code for you and putting it in the radio. I see about 3-4 cars a day come in for radio codes so once you get that code keep it in a safe place you might need it again. On my 1996 VW Jetta you must hold down the right seek or scan button until the display blanks out. Then you can enter the unlock code.

How do you unlock the radio on a 1998 VW Jetta?

Mine (code) was under the spare tire in the trunk, but also a 97, I believe. Worth looking though!

How do you replace the radio antenna on a 1995 jetta?

Remove the front wheel , antenna side and wheel to gain access to the antenna's nut

Where is the fuse box for the radio on a 2002 VW Jetta?

The fusebox for the Jetta is on the left side of the dashboard. Fuse #42 is for the radio, radio also has fuses of its own on the back of the radio itself.

How do you get the radio in a 1995 VW Jetta out of safe mode after replacing the battery?

you have to enter the 4 digit safe code found in your owners manual

How do you put in your radio code to unlock your radio?

whats number do i put in to unlock radio is it security code or radio code to unlock radio?

Is a windshield from a 1995 jetta compatible with a 1997 jetta gl?

yes it is

How can get unlock code for your Honda Accord 1995 model car stereo?

you can go to the dealer with the radio or the VIN # and the should either be able to unlock it for you or look up the code.

How do you Unlock the radio in Chevy Venture?

How do you unlock the radio of. 1997 Chevy venture

What is the unlock code and steps to take to unlock a 2004 Chevy Malibu radio?

The unlock code for the radio is different for every radio. You will need to find the serial number on the radio and call the dealer for the unlock code.

How do you unlock the radio on a 1993 geo prism?

You need the radio unlock code in the radio manual

How do you unlock radio in 2002 Bonneville?

how do i unlock my 2001 Bonneville radio

How do you unlock the radio in a 2003 trailblazer?

how unlock radio on trailblazer 2003

How you can unlock your smart car radio?

How can unlock your smart car radio

How do you find a code for a radio on a 1998 Volkswagen Jetta GL?

the radio code is on the back of the radio. take the radio out and you can see it.

How do you unlock a Cadillac antitheft radio?

how to unlock radio on a 2001 cadillac dts

Where is the radio amp located in a 99 vw jetta?

The radio amp on a 99 VW Jetta is located under the driver side dash. It is in the fuse number 42 slot.

How do you unlock the radio on 1998 Chevy Silverado?

How to unlock radio in 1998 Chevy silverado

How to unlock the radio code 1998 infiniti I30?

How do I unlock my 1998 I 30 radio reset

Does a 1995 jetta have a neutral safety switch?