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You have to wait for a while if you cant remember your password you have to wipe your iPod so theres nothing on it.

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Q: How do you unlock your iPod when it is disabled?
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How do you unlock a disabled iPod with out wiping off everything?

Try connecting it to your computer and syncing. When I have had a disabled iPod this has worked for me.

How do you unlock a disabled ipod and it says connect to itunes but i did and it doesnt work plz help?

You can unlock a disabled iPod by erasing your device and using a backup to return your data and settings.

How do you unlock an disabled touch ipod?

u plug it up to the comp. and go to and click make it rain

Why does your iPod say disabled?

your ipod says disabled because if you get your ipod password wrong a lot of times

How do you unlock an Ipod Touch 4th Gen when it is disabled for 45 years in minutes?

Back it up then Restore it then Restore to your backup

How much is a disabled iPod touch worth?

A disabled ipod touch is worth £35-£40

How much will it cost to unlock a disabled I Pod touch?

Do it yourself for free. Hold the power and home button and plug in the ipod. Will boot to restore mode. Then restore ipod from itunes. Google how do it.

Why is my iPod touch saying iPod I'd disabled?

it gets disabled if someone tries to open your ipod password and they fail multiple times

How long can an ipod be disabled?

My iPod got disabled for 3 years. I haven't gotten my record beaten yet.

What do you do when your ipod is disabled?

sit down

How do you unlock ipod nano fourth generation?

how to unlock a ipod nano 4th generation

How do you unlock a disabled ipod touch?

um.... you wait for it to unlock but don't keeping putting in a wrong code it will lock for a longer time. 1 minute then 5,15, 30, 1hr, 1hr 15, a day, a week on

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