How do you unloosen a bolt on a Skil circular saw?

I think the real question is "why can't I get it off..." "Unloosen = tighten"!

In general, with any power tool, the nuts loosen the opposite way the tool spins... for safety reasons. Typically, the nuts are left-handed meaning they loosen the reverse way that standard hardware does. "Standard" = "lefty loosy, righty tighty". However, left handed threads are reversed. Many causes of frustration, and wrecked hardware! Even room fans have a big plastic reverse-threaded (left handed) hub holding the blade on. Note that fans spin clockwise. Standard hardware also tightens clockwise hence the rule "lefty loosy..." However, if the hub uses right handed threads, the torque of the motor would cause it to loosen by itself and eventually totally unscrew itself. Thus the use of left-handed (reverse) threading, which will tend to keep itself tight since it screws on opposite to the motor's rotation and torque.

The original answer unfortunetaly, assumes standard threading which as I explained, is not typical in power tools for safety reasons. The bolt on a saw is likely left-handed so turning it "right" or clockwise will loosen the blade and not tighten it. Turn it LEFT to tighten, RIGHT to loosen.

This all can be easily verfied by seeing what direction the blade rotates. A saw usually has the bottom teeth spinning towards you, with the nut on the right side. Thus it is left-handed, reverse thread. However, if the nut were to be on the LEFT side, it would be normal right-handed thread. I think all power saws are clockwise/hub-ended for safety. Otherwise the saw could propel itself backwards as opposed to wanting to pull away from you.


Tighten it by turning it right, there is usually a rachet wrench that comes with the Skil saw. My cousin uses the rachet wrench, or, his own wrench.