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How do you unplug a blower switch on a 97 Grand Prix so the car can be used until a new relay is installed?


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2015-03-05 23:51:36
2015-03-05 23:51:36

If the relay is faulty, it just needs replacing to work. The switch would never need to be disconnected just to use the car.


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it is probley not the blower switch. if your fan runs on 3,4 and 5 it is your blower motor resister.

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Yes it will unplug but it will not start if you do that.Yes it will unplug but it will not start if you do that.

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Bad fan switch Bad fuse Bad resistor pack on blower motor Bad blower motor

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blower motor bad or no power to it chech fuses blower switch blower motor

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