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How do you unplug an AC drain line on a 1996 Ford Escort?

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Crawl under the vehicle and find the drain line. Use a small blunt object like a pencil to unclog it.

2006-08-31 16:34:28
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Where is the O2 sensor on a 1996 Ford Escort and how do you change it?

It is on the exhaust pipe close to the manifold. Simply unplug and unscrew it.

How do you change a serpentine belt on a 1996 ford escort?

how do you chance a serpentine belt on a 1996 ford escort

Where is the computer located in a 1996 Ford escort?

Where is the computer located in a Ford Escort?

Will a transmission from a 1997 Ford Escort fit a 1996 Ford Escort?

No. The 97 is a third generation escort and the 96 is a second generation escort.

What fluid does the 1996 escort use?

the transmission fluid for a 1996 ford escort is type MA.

How to drain water out from a 1997 Ford Escort?

you can drain the water out by friking draining it you dimwit

How do you Drain the coolant of Ford Escort zx2?

I wish to know how!

Does a 1996 ford escort have a steal head?


Where is the drain on a 1995 Ford Escort radiator?

bottom driver side corner(should be a screw drain)

How many cylinders does a 1996 Ford Escort have?


How do you drain the oil on your 97 ford escort its over filled and you dare not move it?

Drain the excess oil out. Remove the drain plug.

Where is the PCV valve located on a 1996 Ford Escort 1.9L?

The PCV valve on a 1996 Ford Escort 1.9L is located between the engine and the radiator. It is near the vacuum hose.

What kind of car is Ford Escort Cosworth?

A Ford Escort Cosworth is a sports version of the original Ford Escort. The car was in production between 1992 and 1996 and was a three door hatchback vehicle.

Where can you get an engine diagram of 1989 for escort?

ford escort 1996 zetec the location of the water pump?

How do you completely drain all transmission fluid out of a ford escort zx2?

You cannot drain it all out. It must be pumped out.

What size wrench for oil drain plug on a 1998 Ford Escort?


What is the 1996 ford escort spark plug gap?

It is 0.054

Where is the voltage regulator on a 1996 Ford Escort?

It is part of the alternator.

1999 ford escort wagon service engine soon light is flashing?

Unplug the battery, wait ten minutes, hold down the horn to drain any remaining power, than reconnect battery.

Is the ford escort 1.9L a zero tolerance motor?

I have a 1996 ford escort that will not start and it has a new starter on it and a new battery in it but it still will not start

Where is the radiator drain valve for 1999 Ford Escort LX?

Doesnt have one, you have to remove the bottom hose to drain coolant.

Where is the radiator drain petcock on a 2001 ford escort?

Not all radiators have petcocks. Simply disconnect the bottom hose to drain.

Will a 1996 Ford Escort engine fit a 1995 Ford Escort also if the 1996 engine was in a car with an automatic trsansmission will it fit into the 1995 with standard transmission?

yeah shouldn't have any trouble doin that at all i just converted my 95 escort 1.9 into a 5 speed with a tranny from a 98 ford escort 2.0

Where is the oil drain on a 1995 Ford Escort?

Lok at the rear or side of the oil pan

Where is the clutch reservoir located on a 1995 ford escort?

If it is like the ( 1996 ) Ford Escort : The BRAKE FLUID RESERVOIR is also the CLUTCH FLUID RESERVOIR