Windows Movie Maker

How do you update Windows Movie Maker?


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Check to make sure you have Automatic Updates enabled. This will ensure your Windows programs are up-to-date with fixes, patches, etc. To find out if the Automatic Updates is enabled:

> Click Start, All Programs
> Windows Update (from list)

If Windows Update is not in your Programs list:

> Click Start, Control Panel
> System and Maintenance

Once you are in the menu, you can view the history of updates, change settings, restore hidden updates.

Click on Change Settings and make sure "Install Updates Automatically" is enabled.

Next, (and most importantly), back in the System and Maintenance menu, there is a real-time "Check for updates"option. This is the one you should click to make sure your Windows Operating system is up-to-date. Once the process is complete, you will be informed of any updates you need to install in addition to optional up-dates (if you have them selected).

In View Update History, review the update list. Note any "unsuccessful updates" (ones that failed to update automatically). For more information on how to manually download updates, visit the URL I've posted below: