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How do you update a tomtom gps for free?

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First, click on this link (from TomTom's support site) and follow the step-by-step instructions for installing TomTom Home software on your computer.

Your TomTom should have came with a USB cable that can attach to your computer. Use this cable to connect your TomTom to your computer, and then follow the instructions in this link to update the firmware (the software that is inside of the TomTom).

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Does TomTom sell mapping software for its GPS units?

Yes TomTom does sell mapping software for their GPS units. Most of the new GPS systems come with a cable that you will link to your computer to update the maps and features of your TomTom.

Where can one get the latest map for a Tomtom GPS system?

One can update the map on his or her TomTom GPS system through the official TomTom website. One does have to pay to update the map, but one gets four new maps over a twelve month period.

How do I update the time on my TomTom Go?

You may be mistaking the arrival time for the actual time. The gps should update its clock automatically.

How do you update a TomTom GPS?

i got my maps updated by using fonefunshop

Where can you purchase tomtom gps systems for under 200?

Amazon is a great company to purchase a Tomtom GPS system for under two hundred dollars. With free shipping and new as well as used prices, Amazon has great deals on Tomtom products.

What exactly is a tomtom antenna?

A Tomtom antenna is an external unit to be used with Tomtom GPS navigational units to give a wider range for your GPS needs.

Where do I buy a tomtom gps antenna?

You would be able to purchase tomtom GPS antennas at radio shack, best buy, target and other electronic stores. You may also be able to find a tomtom GPS antenna at

Will the tomtom car gps require map updates?

Yes, the tomtom car GPS does require map updates. The updates can be found on the actual tomtom support page. They are free and easily uploaded.

What are some features of the TomTom portable GPS?

Some features of the TomTom portable GPS is that it has hands free voice commands so that driving is made easy, also it offers various different languages to select.

What are some navigation brands with free updates?

TomTom does a free update from time to time, and some give unlimited updates for a few years. Before buying your GPS updates are normally printed on the box or a coupon inside for the consumer.

Do I need a TomTom receiver with every TomTom GPS?

I would say yes that you probably do need a TomTom receiver with every TomTom GPS, however to be sure i would maybe go to the TomTom's website and see what it says.

Are Tomtom portable GPS devices made in the USA?

No, the Tomtom portable GPS device is not made in the United States of America. As a matter of fact the Tomtom portable GPS device is make in China at the Shenzhen Vatop Technology Co.

Which GPS navigation system has been around longer - TomTom or Garmin?

The tomtom gps has been around longer. However, they are both reliable gps systems.

What is a tomtom gps system?

A GPS system is a device that can tell you your location or give you directions. It uses satellites to provide this information. Tomtom is a company that makes GPS systems.

Have you ever heard of an tomtom handheld gps?

Yes, TomTom GPS is a good brand of GPS. They sell a range of products including handheld GPS systems or GPS to go in your car and be able to drive any where you please.

What kind of reviews does the Tomtom GPS get?

Tomtom gps get very good reviews. It is rated one of the top gps in the world. There are many consumers who has purchased this product and enjoyed the product.

Is the Tomtom GPS antenna made in USA?

The Tomtom company is a Dutch-based manufacturer. Their Tomtom GPS antenna's are not made in America. You can find more information on this company, their products and where they are produced on the link provided.

Is the tomtom 500 gps a national brand?

Yes, TomTom 500 GPS is available nationwide. This is great with traveling, because the map will be very supportive and able to updated. TomTom has a wide variety of models.

Did you hear that the TOMTOM navigator 5 gps has the best features out of all the TOMTOM systems?

Why is TOMTOM Navigator 5 gps superior to other TOMTOM Navigators? Adding gps to a pda which already has tons of features makes it superior. And the battery stays charged for five hours, a long time considering its a very small unit. You can compare TOMTOM features at

How strong is a tomtom?

tomtom is the best GPS brand. tomtom is pretty dam strong and is stronger than most other GPS's out there

Is the TomTom One the first GPS system TomTom made?

The TomTom One was not the first GPS system that TomTom made. According to Wikipedia, the first system they released was the TomTom Navigator in 2002. After that, they made Version 2 of this same system the following year. Here is a link with more information on this.

How are TomTom Rider GPS systems different from regular GPS systems?

to find the answer to your question: How are TomTom Rider GPS systems different from regular GPS systems? please see the following website to learn more:


Tomtom is a revolutionary GPS system that can direct you from one place to another. These GPS systems have become extremely popular since their release, do to this search around online for a cheap used one and just update the maps. If you'd rather go new search around at different electronic stores and compare prices because this item goes on sale often.

How does the tomtom gps systems work?

The TomTom GPS system works by tracking your location via GPS tracking and then loading your destination from a map. It then reads the map, telling you what directions you need to go.

What is a tomtom 500 gps and where can you get one?

A Tomtom 500 GPS, generally refers to a specific make of GPS navigation system--or a mini computer that has preloaded maps and is connected to satellites that can pinpoint your location.

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