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How do you update your video drivers?

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If you're unable to find drivers for your video card the manufacturer may no longer offer support for that card. If support is no longer offered by the manufacturer, you can then use Windows drivers instead. Just right click on your video card under your system's components and select Update Driver.

2011-09-22 03:46:18
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What tool can you use to update your video drivers?

Windows update will update them automatically

Option for booting if your video drivers are corrupted and you need to update rollback or reinstall your video drivers?

Enable VGA Mode

What windows tools can you use to to update your video drivers?


What windows tool can you use to update your video drivers?

Device Manager

What option should you should use for booting if your video drivers are corrupted and you need to update rollback or reinstall your video drivers?

You can try "Safe-Mode".

What Windows tool can you use to update your video card drivers?

Device Manager

What Situations you might find it useful to update the video drivers?

when you install a new video card When you upgrade your system

What windows tool can you use to update video drivers?

You would use Device Manager and then "update driver" under the Display Device.

How do you update your video card drivers so you can play minecraft?

You can either update the software or buy a new video driver altogether. It works on newer laptops like a Dell Inspiron

How do you update the video card drivers?

You can use windows update, manufacture website or NVIDIA or AMD websites. When you are using windows update it will update your drivers automatically but not to the latest version. If you use manufacture website or chip producer website, you will need to download exe file. Once it is downloaded run it and follow instructions. When you install drivers from NVIDIA it will install update server too so you do not have to worry about searching for newest drivers.

How come minecraft wont work for me This Keeps on Popping up Bad video card drivers and it starts saying other stuff too Why does this happen?

You need to update your video card drivers. Typing "[Video card name] drivers" in Google usually gives you links to driver downloads.

What is the need to update the drivers?

Is there a specific piece of hardware you need an update for? All the drivers for your computer will be on the support page of the manufacturers website for free. Or on the website of the the individual piece of hardware be it the motherboard, sound card, video card etc.

How do you update video drivers?

Go to the manufactures web site and see what thay have. Or you can download DriverMax. Just search it up.

How come your call of duty world at war for the PC is laggy?

You probably have a bad computer or you need to update video drivers.

Does any one Know when Notch will update minecraft so there are no more bad video card driver errors?

If you have Windows 7 or Vista, Windows Update and Nividia Video Card Drivers then follow these instructions. 1. Click the Start button in the bottom-left corner of your screen. 2. Click the search button and type in, "Windows Update". It should come up at the top of the search. 3. Click Windows Update and select Important Updates or Optional Updates if the Nividia Video Card Drivers Update won't come up. 4. Tick the Nividia Video Card Drivers Update and install. 5. When you're finished, go onto Minecraft and it should work. (If it doesnt work then try restarting the computer.) Enjoy!

How do you update drivers for DRAM controller?

The ideal way you update drivers for DRAM controller is to get newer drivers from the manufacturer of your system board. However, upgrading to a newer operating systems may also update your DRAM controller drivers.

Device manager can be used to update the drivers for a device?

Yes, under device properties there is an "update drivers" button.

What can you use to update drivers to the manufacturers drivers?

Device Manager

You can use to update drivers to the manufacturer drivers?


Where can one update Windows XP drivers?

One can update Windows XP drivers most efficiently through Microsoft. They have all the software one would need to update said drivers in a timely manner.

How do I set my drivers to automatically update?

It depends on what drivers you need, there are options that let you automatically update your drivers whenever an update is ready to be downloaded, or some websites can automatically scan your softwares to see if there are updates available.

How can I update my PC drivers?

Automatically detect and update drivers and software. Same goes for keeping your drivers up to date. Again, sometimes it will, but sometimes it won't.

Installed game x men-3 but it gives error of could not initialize direct 3d?

Update your video card drivers and make sure that your video card supports Direct 3D if not then you're going to need to update the card itself.

How do you solve restarting window during the game?

Update drivers, clean the video card and the case inside, improve cooling and ventilation of the case.

How do you update video card files?

I assume you mean drivers. To update a video card drive you must visit the cards manufacturer website.To Find Out Your Video Card:On Windows 7 or Vista:1. Search and Open RUN2. Type dxdiag and Enter3. Open the Display Tab.4. It will tell you your video card's name.