How do you upload photos from your camera to your computer?

A USB cable lets you connect your digital camera to your computer. Almost all digital cameras come with a USB cable. Just plug one end into the camera and the other into the computer.

Once you've plugged the cable into the computer, software already installed on your computer may assist you with getting the photos off your camera.

If you plug your camera into your computer and nothing happens, don't worry. Your computer can read your camera as if it's another drive on your computer.

Memory Card

Some newer computers come with a slot for memory cards or a cable with a reader. You simply insert your digital camera's memory card into the computer or reader and your computer will recognize the card and ask where you'd like to save your photos. We recommend placing them in a folder in the My Pictures folder so you can find them easily.

Docking Station

Your camera may come with a docking station, or a station can be purchased if your camera is compatible. The docking station is plugged into your computer and situated on your desk to make connecting your camera to your computer a little easier.

Finding Your Camera On the Computer

If you're using Windows:
1.Go to My Computer and you should see your camera listed.
2.Double-click on the icon.
3.Go to Edit then to Select All. This will select all the photos on your camera.
4.Go to Edit then to Copy to Folder.
5.Choose a folder to place these in. We recommend putting it into the My Pictures folder so you can find them easily.

If you're using a Mac:
1.An icon of your camera should appear on your desktop.
2.Double-click on the camera icon.
3.Highlight the contents of the folder and drag them into the folder where you'd like to save your photos.

Sadly if you have one of the older cameras that use film you can't place the pictures on the computer. The only way is to print them at a store then using a scanner to make the picture digital.