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Go to your ares library and right click on the song. when all the optiond pop up then yu just select "Locate File" and then drag the song to intunes! IT'S THAT EASY! =]

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How do you upload songs on your ipod?

you have to use itunes unfortunately

How can you upload your Ares music into your ipod?

yes you need windows media player or itunes

How do you upload songs in computer?

by itunes and get a itunes gift card and put it on your acount and u can bye songs,moves,apps and much more

How do you get songs on your iPod for free?

To get songs on your iPod free of charge, upload them to your iTunes from your CDs or other people's CDs. Then transfer your iTunes library to your iPad.

What does sync om iTunes mean?

it means to upload what you put on the ipod to the computer and to download the songs from your itunes to your ipod

How do you move itunes songs from your old computer to a new one?

Or you can just upload it to a memory booster and then upload to your new one

How can you put songs on an mp3 player?

With an iPod you can download iTunes from www.apple.com and upload songs to that program. From there you simply plug your iPod in, and it will sync.

How can you put napster songs onto your iPod?

To put a song on your Apple device, you have to download the song onto your computer. Then you upload it into iTunes. Then you can sync iTunes with your device which copies the songs onto it.

From where you can get the Hannah Montana songs?

You can search to download them online from various sites, you can purchase them from iTunes, Or you can download programs such as Limewire, Ares, etc, and download the songs.

How do you download music to ipod from CD?

First you upload songs from he CD onto a computer, and then transfer it to itunes. Then you sync and autofill the iPod with the songs u have

How do you download songs for free from the computer to your MP3 player?

If you want to download songs get Ares is s P2P file sharing torrent download what songs you want then you open itunes (or download it if you don't have it) then you select the song you want copy and paste it to the library of itunes then connect the MP3 to the PC then copy songs from itunes to MP3 i hope this helps

How do you upload videos on mp3 player without CD?

Well you can get ares and then if ur mp3 has some kind of thing like itunes drag ur song into that.

How do you transfer music from Ares to iTunes?

you right hand click the song then press open external.This does not work for all songs.

How do you upload songs from your computer to your ipod?

you need a program called iTunes . once you get it there are video tuturials to help get you set up

How do you upload data to iPad?

You can upload data using iTunes.

On a Windows computer can you keep track of songs that are on Itunes?

It is possible on music sharing sites. Your music profile is automatically updated on such sites when ever you upload, listen and share itunes.

If you plug somebody elses ipod into your computer how do you upload your songs onto their ipod?

You cannot upload additional songs onto another Apple iPod. Only the entire iTunes library on the computer wil be transferred. Anything already on the iPod will be erased.

How do you download songs onto your ipod nano?

you go to itunes buy or upload songs then ur nano should show itself on the screen then it says sync and u press it

How can you upload your ipod playlist back to iTunes?

It can be done this way: Connect your ipod to the computer and you will immediately get an alert come up on the computer which should read: "itunes has detected songs not in the library, do you want to transfer these songs to the itunes library?" (something along those lines....) to which you should click "YES"

Can you transfer Ares songs to iTunes?

Yes, easily. all you need to do is right-click on the song, then go to 'locate file' and click on that. this will take you to a place in your folder with all your songs. the song you want to transfer will be highlighted. Just drag it to where you want in iTunes.

How do you download songs from Ares to an iPod Nano?

yes click on the song you want and drag it to itunes right click the song and go on 'locate file' then drag+drop the file into your ipod in itunes

How do you upload songs from iPod to computer?

If you have the program Itunes, you should be able to just plug in your USB cord to your computer and your ipod at the other end, and everything you have in Itunes should sync onto the ipod.

Can you upload songs off your iPod to your PC?

This ipod manage software can transfer the files from ipod to computer, ipod to iTunes, and iPod to iPod:

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