How do you upload your pictures from your camera to your computer?

All cameras are different, but there are two common ways it is done.

  1. Take the SD card (or whatever saves the pictures in your camera) out of your camera, and insert it into the SD drive or into whatever device it should be placed into.Then, for a PC, open up "my computer." One of the extra drives is the newly added SD card, and you now have the pictures on the computer. Copy them like you would other files from one directory to another.

2. Connect your camera with the USB cable that came with it. So the USB connection from the Camera goes into the USB port of your desktop. Turn on your camera and set it to the mode you use to view the pictures stored on it.

The Camera should be recognized by the desktop like another disk drive.

If all else fails, read the directions that came with the camera. If you have lost them, they are are probably available on-line. Do a google search for your make and model of camera.