How do you upload your pictures from your camera to your computer?

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All cameras are different, but there are two common ways it is done.

  1. Take the SD card (or whatever saves the pictures in your camera) out of your camera, and insert it into the SD drive or into whatever device it should be placed into.Then, for a PC, open up "my computer." One of the extra drives is the newly added SD card, and you now have the pictures on the computer. Copy them like you would other files from one directory to another.

2. Connect your camera with the USB cable that came with it. So the USB connection from the Camera goes into the USB port of your desktop. Turn on your camera and set it to the mode you use to view the pictures stored on it.

The Camera should be recognized by the desktop like another disk drive.

If all else fails, read the directions that came with the camera. If you have lost them, they are are probably available on-line. Do a google search for your make and model of camera.
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How do you transfer pictures from computer to camera?

Make a file backup folder on your computer and copy all those photos to it and call it a by new name. Now delete the bad or poor pixs from the orignal photo file . Select the pictues remaining one by one or other and send them to your camera which is listed as a drive. Or select each pix -copy them ( Full Answer )

Transfer camera pictures to your computer?

Digital cameras usually come with software for installation on your computer. A cable is also usually included, so that you can connect your camera to a computer port, such as USB. When connected, the software program should open automatically. You should then have access to options for transferring ( Full Answer )

My camera won't upload pictures?

Load your camera drivers and photo software either from CD or from camera manufacturers website.

How do you upload pictures onto a computer?

To upload pictures to a computer you need the usb cord. You take the small side and put it into the camera and the larger side goes into the computer. Then something should pop-up and you want to select see pictures. This will then download the pictures on the computer.

How do you upload a video from your camera to computer?

There is, unfortunately, no specific answer that can satisfy a general question like this one. The reason for this is the multitude of different cameras, computers and operating systems available. Therefore, an answer in regard to uploading video from a VHS camera to a Linux operating system on a De ( Full Answer )

How do you upload pictures from a computer to a PSP?

To get pics on your psp you hook up your 2.0 usb to the usb port on the psp and the computer you open up psp document which is under my computer then go to the removable disc drive that it is under and open folder(photo) drag the photos you want to the photo folder opened for the psp and it will dow ( Full Answer )

How do you upload pictures from your camera to your computer?

There are a few ways to go about it. 1) If your camera came with a USB cord then you can plug the cord directly into the side of your camera and then plug the other side into one of the USB ports on your computer. Once you plug both ends in, turn on your camera and an automatic pop up window should ( Full Answer )

How do you resize pictures that you upload to your computer?

If you have a photo editing program, that will have a feature in it. If you dont have any editing software at all, the best bet if your trying to resize the dimesions is uploading to somewhere like and doing it like that, as you can save the picture back to your computer.

How do you upload pictures to the computer?

Depends from what device. A typical digital camera will plug into the computer via a usb cable. If your computer is running windows xp, a new drive will appear into My Computer, and you can then browse your computers and copy/paste them into other locations.. Depends from what device. A typical dig ( Full Answer )

How do you upload pictures from a phone onto the computer?

usually, the phones charger fits into a plug on your computer, and then a bar comes up on to the computer saying 'do you want to upload picutres, share songs, etc.' but that's just some phones. you should ask your parents so a professional.

How do you upload pictures to computer from iPhone?

\nWith an Iphone, all you need is an ipod/iphone usb cable. You plug it in to tour computer, and there's a couple different folders. One of them has all your pictures stored on them. From there you just copy and paste.

How do you upload pictures from a camera to a laptop?

The camera has to have a memory card. If your laptop is somewhat new, it has a slot to pop in memory cards. If you don't have a memory card slot on your laptop or the memory card won't fit in it, get a card reader. I found one that's not too expensive at Best Buy. You can also order one online. Mo ( Full Answer )

How do you upload pictures from my camera to my computer?

Most digital cameras will have a Micro-B USB slot, to which they can be connected to a PC using an appropriate USB cable. The PC will then be able to open the camera's memory card as if it were a removable storage medium, you can copy the pictures to your hard drive. If the camera has no USB port ( Full Answer )

How do you upload photos from your camera to your computer?

USB A USB cable lets you connect your digital camera to your computer. Almost all digital cameras come with a USB cable. Just plug one end into the camera and the other into the computer. Once you've plugged the cable into the computer, software already installed on your computer may assist you ( Full Answer )

What do you do when you already plugged in your usb cable to upload your pictures from your camera?

It depends on what kind of camera it is. If it's a digital SLR, then you might have to turn on the camera in order for it to connect. Once it's turned on, a window should pop up asking you how you want to transfer your photos and will give you some other options as well. You can transfer them by eit ( Full Answer )

How do you upload pictures to your iMac computer from a digital camera?

Unless the camera comes with software that interfaces w/ Mac through its supplied cable (USB or otherwise), the easiest way is to buy an inexpensive card reader. Alternatively you can buy a printer with a card slot that interfaces with the computer through the printer's software.

How do you upload pictures from your cell phone on to your computer?

Usually your phone comes with a cord that hooks up to the computer, but if you do not have that cord you can't do this. However, if your phone has internet you can log on to Facebook/Bebo/Myspace etc and upload pictures onto there and then go onto a computer and take the picture and upload them onto ( Full Answer )

How do you upload pictures from a camera using a cable to a laptop?

I'm not sure how much one camera varies to another for this, but with mine I just plug the cable into the camera and my laptop, then it gives me the option to upload all of the photos or just selected ones. It should give you step-by-step instructions, so don't be afraid to plug it in and try. The ( Full Answer )

How do you upload pictures from the computer to facebook?

There should be tabs on your profile page. One of them says, 'Photos'. Click on it and to the right, you should be able to easily find a 'Create a photo album' option. Select it by clicking on it. Once you are through with specifying the Name and Captions for the album, select, 'Create Photo Album' ( Full Answer )

How do I transfer pictures from my camera to my computer?

Most cameras have a USB lead (cable) supplied that plugs into the USB sockets (the same as for plugging in webcams). You need to: . Plug the lead into your computer . If you are using Windows (don't have a Mac so don't know about them) go to Start or the Windows icon-> My Computer . The camera s ( Full Answer )

How do you upload a picture to your computer?

1st find a pic you like. 2nd make sure you have room for it in your hard drive. 3rd click on the picture ONCE, then press alt+ctrl+delete. It will then snatch it off of the webpage and put it onto your hard drive. The only way this could possible fail is if you have dial-up or you don't hold ALL TH ( Full Answer )

How do you copy pictures from camera to computer?

With a USB cable. Connect your camera into the computers USB port, go on 'my computer' assuming you are using windows software, click on the camera image and veiw your images. right click copy and then paste it where ever you want it to be copied. For multiple items you want to be copied, hold down ( Full Answer )

How do you upload pictures to your computer from a flash drive?

1. Plus it into the USB drive. 2. Wait until it's recognise by your computer. 3. Find the USB drive in the drive list (My computer in Windows or Finder in Mac). 4. Select all files. 5. Right click and copy. 6. Paste to desired destination.

How can one upload mobile picture to their computer?

How one uploads a mobile picture to their computer depends on the type of computer and the brand of mobile phone they are using. Usually one uses a USB lead to attach it to the computer and use the computer to download the picture. Often one can simply drag and drop picture files from the mobile to ( Full Answer )

How are computer pictures uploaded?

Pictures can be uploaded to a computer fairly easily. First you will need pictures to upload, usually from a camera or flash drive. Insert the SD card from the camera (or flash drive) into your computer. Usually a message pops up, asking what you want to do with this SD/flash drive. Choose an op ( Full Answer )