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I once repaired a radiator once with JB weld and it worked. But before you do here's some advice first locate the crack, drill a very small hole in the radiator at each end of the crack. This will prevent the crack from splitting and getting larger. Second make sure it is very clean in that area that you will be appling JB weld. Use some sand paper on it so it will give it a better bound. JB weld does work well for that perticular application.


A few more tips:

my '97 Camry recently developed a hairline crack across the top of the radiator, so i called a buddy of mine who's been a diesel mechanic for 10+ years, and he said he's seen great results using JB Weld on plastic radiators. his recommended tips were:

- 1st (and VERY important), allow your vehicle to cool overnight to ensure the radiator and engine is COMPLETELY cold as can be before beginning the repair.

- distress/score the area around & including the crack with some steel wool or sandpaper. you could use a Dremel or something of the sort, but you must be extra careful to not dig too deep (as it would weaken the radiator even more-so.

- use some brake cleaner and shop towels to clean the area around & including the crack VERY well after you score it.

- drill 1 small (and i emphasize SMALL) hole at each end of the crack (2 holes in total - 1 at each end) to "terminate" the crack so that it won't crack any further.

- mix up the JB Weld so that it's nice and tacky (more so on the thick side).

- apply the JB Weld thoroughly (but not TOO thick) to cover all of the crack and the 2 small holes you drilled at each end.

- allow AT LEAST 24 hours for the JB Weld to dry & cure thoroughly. the colder and/or wetter (humidty, rain in the air, etc...) the longer you need to wait. if you can wait 48 hours, you can rest assured that it should be cured thoroughly (again...make sure the JB Weld stays DRY).

- again, DO NOT START the engine for any reason during this 24-48 curing time. it will heat up the radiator and put internal pressure/stress on the repair which WILL prevent it from curing properly.

i hadn't thought about inserting mesh or fiberglass screen into the JB Weld when it's applied, but it sounds like it would definitely make the repair hold up better. GREAT idea!!

I'm going to attempt this repair tomorrow (Friday, 1st October) and then not drive the car for a couple days. here's to hoping!! :)

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Q: How do you use JB Weld to repair a 1-inch crack in your radiator?
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How do you repair a crack in a plastic radiator?

weld it with nylon rod using iron plastic welder.

How can you repair a crack in your plastic radiator?

I had 2" crack on top of the radiator. I tried JB Weld and other similar putty but they did not work on plastic. I bought Permatex PermaPoxy™ 5 Minute Plastic Weld from Advanced Auto Parts for $7. It took 10 minutes to finish the job and it worked.

Can a small crack be fixed in a '93 Grand Prix radiator without buying a new one?

I do know of a solution to this problem. If the crack is just a small one there is a tablet you can get at any Automotive Repair store. It's called Radiator Repair its a small "tablet" you drop in your radiator and let the car run, as it warms up you will notice the crack disappear. Other than that JB Weld is a good bet if you know where the leak is generating from.

How can you seal a crack in the plastic on top of the radiator on a Lexus es300?

Jb weld expoxy mix

Can jb weld be used to fix a crack on top of the radiator?

It may work as a temporary fix.

How do I repair radiator support on 99 Saturn sl?

You will need to weld the radiator support in your 1999 Saturn SL in order to repair it. You can also replace the support if you are not able to weld the damaged area. Remember to unplug the battery before beginning the welding project.

Can a cracked plastic tank at the top of a radiator be fixed or must you replace the radiator?

Replace the radiator. Try JB Weld or JB Kwik Weld on the crack first -- you can pick it up for $4 and it is definitely worth a shot. I have tried the jb weld it didn,t work . I had to buy a new raditor ANSWER I work in a shop where we routinely replace the plastic tank. If you have to repair the plastic tank then do it from the inside. You can separate the tank from the core by carefully loosening the aluminum tabs holding it in place.

What is a tranverse crack in a weld?

A transverse crack goes across the weld from side to side. A longitudinal crack travels along the weld, sometimes from end to end but not always.

How do you repair a crack on a plastic pool slide?

jb cold weld or any epoxy for plastic/fiberglass material

Can you weld a 2 stroke dirt bike exhaust if it has a crack in it?

Yes you can but you might consier brazing (uses a brass filler rod) for the repair, it is a cooler repair process and can be stronger for this typr of repair.

How do you repair a leaking industrial heater core?

take it to a radiator shop. It is not worth the frustration of trying to do it yourself. The have to acid dip it to weld it.

Where could you put radiator stop leak in my ford contour 98?

I advise you do not use that crap you'll get more problems because of it. Check the radiator for the leak find it and repair it with LIQUID JB WELD if you cant find it in the car pull the radiator out and check for cracks and rusty colors on the plastic sides where cracks maybe and on the coils jb weld can repair it if you let it sit for 12 to 24 hours before reinstalling the radiator if you cant find the leak take it to the radiator repair shop and get it fixed cheaper than buying a new and please don't use that stop leak crap it will damage your engine and could clog up your heater core in the dash and then your talking about $500.00 or more to fix it. So shop wisely and find a shop that you rely on and get it fixed quick and easy also remember if the crack is to bad a radiator repair shop can replace the plastic sides on the radiator.

Can you put seal-it or jb-weld to fix a leak in the transmission line to the radiator?

I wouldn't. Replace or repair the line instead.

How do you repair a radiator?

How you repair a radiator depends on what is wrong with it. A small leak may be able to be fixed by adding a stop-leak product, available at most discount stores and auto repair retailers. Depending on the problem, the radiator may have to be pulled from the vehicle for inspection. Minor damaged can perhaps be fixed with a stop-leak product or a small spot weld if the radiator is copper or brass. Aluminum radiators (newer models) can sometimes be repaired with epoxy.

What are the answers to the weld map scavenger hunt?

This sight is a crack of bull

How do you fix a plastic radiator tank with a 4-inch crack on a 1994 Pontiac Trans Sport?

Other than replacing the radiator, which is the best option, I have used the JB weld stick. It is any epoxy putty. Just knead it into a long cylinder, then place it into the crack. Work the putty into the crack very well. Do this when the radiator is cool, for best results. Max heat temp for this product is 300 F. So dont let it overheat. JB Weld stick costs around $5. Good Luck Not sure if this will help but I have recently discovered that many plastics can be "Welded" using simple PVC pipe solvent. Cheers

How do you repair a radiator that has been pushed into fan?

two of ways of doing this either get a new one or take it to some one who can weld aluminum very well unless of course your radiator is cracked you would come out cheaper to just buy a new one

What do you need to weld a rusty crack?

a welding machine, a grinder, some skill

How do you repair alumin above groung pool?

jb weld

Can jb weld be used to fix a crack on an aluminum rim?

No . . . that would be extremely dangerous.

How do you repair stainless steel repair weld?

Use special flux cored electrode without purging dam.

How do you repair a hairline crack near core plug?

This is not easy. You're talking about a small crack in the engine block, I assume. Ideally you should stop the crack from getting longer by drilling a small hole at the exact end of it. Then the crack needs to be welded, probably after the engine has come out (depending on accessibility). But this is a hell of a big job for a small hairline crack. You may find that cleaning the area throughly and using one of the epoxy pastes around (JB Weld is a very good one) that you can achieve a good repair cheaply and easily. But drill the small hole first.

Which metal is more likely to crack due to weld joint shrinkage?


Will J-b weld repair spark plug hole?

No. Helicoil

Can I repair a cracked thermostat housing with JB Weld?

As a temporary fix, yes.