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How do you use a 'meter' to check the power to individual circuits?

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The fact of your asking really says you would need a lot of coaching to keep you out of trouble here. Meters, by nature, aren't really designed to be dependably or safely put into electrical outlets. I suggest you buy a outlet tester at your local home store for $6- or so. Instructions are with it, and all you do is plug it in- generally two green lights is good, any red is bad, none is dead/no voltage. If you are inside a power panel and asking this, I refer you to the first sentence above :) lbg

I would love to help you, I just need to know what type of meter you are using. There are so many you could possibly have. Post another question and I'll see if I can help.


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A watt-meter measures?

A watt meter measures the electric power in watts from circuits. They can measure utility frequency, audio frequency power and radio frequency measurement.

What is the common fault of a power transformer?

Inter-turn short circuits in individual windings.

How can you fix the odometer on your 98 prizm?

When a meter stops working its not the meter that's broken it's the cables and circuits that control power the meter their should be a cable underneath the plastic that protects the meters follow that and replace it and it should be ok.

How is electricity distributed to lights and power sockets?

It depends where you live.In most countries, radial circuits are used for both power and lighting circuit.In the UK, ring-main circuits are used for power circuits, while radial circuits are used for lighting circuits.

What to do in short circuit conditions?

If this is in a house, just watch the meter used by the power company for power. It is easier if the meter is the older type with the spinning wheel. First see how fast the wheel is spinning or how much energy is being used normally, no circuits turned off. Second go to your circuit breaker panel. Turn off all circuits except for the main. Check your meter to see if it has stopped moving, or if energy is no longer consumed. If it hasn't, your short is between your meter and the main switch. If it has stopped, go back to the panel and turn on each of the circuits one at a time until you find the one that consumes the most energy or spins the wheel the fastest. From here you will know which circuit to troubleshoot and repair if necessary.

What color is power in the radio?

Normally red. Check the wires with a volt meter to be sure.

What condition is unfavorable for the use of an ohmmeter?

An ohmmeter is used to check continuity and resistance. An unfavorable use would be to connect the meter to any power. Unless the meter has a safety feature, connecting it to any type of power will damage the meter.

How are series circuits and parellel circuits alike?

Both take current and energy from the power supply and dissipate power.

You have no power to your window switches and the fuse is good?

Check for broken wires. You can check for this using a simple cheap volt/ohm meter.

What are the types of electrodynamometer?

power meter,power factor meter, frequency meter, volt meter ,watt meter ,voltage ampere meter,

What are reciprocal circuit elements?

Reciprocal circuit elements are those elements/circuits in which power loss/gain is same at both nodes/ends.In these types of circuits we can check the circuit or connect it in any way.

What happen to the apparent power if the DC excitation is reduced?

'Apparent power' is a term used in a.c. circuits, NOT d.c. circuits.

What are the types of power factor meter?

there are 3 types of power factor meter: 1). electrodynamic power factor meter, 2).moving-iron power factor meter and 3). nalder-lipman moving-iron power factor meter.

How do you find the ground on your car?

The battery ground(cable) is connected to the frame(steel). With a multi meter(best)/ test light(ok)on non-circuit board circuits, you can check for ground. Just need to connect the power end of the circuit to the meter and using continuity setting, you will get an audible beep. Using the test light clamp the alligator clip on the power wire and touch the chase with the test light and it should light up.

How do you solve combination circuits?

Generally,1. Convert parallel branches into series equivalents2. Solve for the total resistance3. Solve for individual voltages4. Solve for individual currents5. Solve for power

What has the author Keng C Wu written?

Keng C. Wu has written: 'Transistor circuits for spacecraft power system' -- subject(s): Space vehicles, Power electronics, Auxiliary power supply, Transistor circuits, Transister circuits

What brand of power meter starts with letter b?

The Bird power meter for rf power.

Where would you find a parallel circuit?

Wall sockets are examples of parallel circuits, as are lighting circuits in a classroom. In general, power circuits are parallel.

What do you do with a portable generator that will start but has no power?

Check for a tripped breaker or a blown fuse. If you have a volt meter, check to see if there is excitation voltage going to the field windings.

How do you check a clutch start switch?

Use a test light or a multi-meter to check for power going through the switch when it's depressed or for ohms depressed.

How do you get charged for power usage?

The most common method is to measure your power usage with a meter. The meter records how much electricity you use and allows the electric company to determine the correct price for your usage. If you check with your local power company they can explain exactly how it works in your area.

Why is one watt meter method of power measurement not applicable to unbalanced circuits?

The one wattmeter method will only measure the power of the phase to which it is connected. So, by reconnecting it to measure each phase separately, you can measure the power in each phase in turn, and add them up to give you the total power.

Why are electric meters connected in series with the rest of the circuits in the house?

Electric meters are connected in series with the rest of the circuits in the house because, that way, the meter can measure the current used by all of the circuits in the house. The meter integrates and records the current as power in kilowatt-hours.Another AnswerActually, energy meters are not simply 'connected in series' with the rest of the circuits in a house.In simple terms, an analogue energy meters contain twocoils: a current coil and a voltage coil. The current coil is, indeed, connected in series with the rest of the household circuits, but the voltage coil is connected in parallelbetween the line and neutral conductors. This means that the energy meter is monitoring the (in-phase) load current and the supply voltage, and the torque produced by the resulting magnetic fields is proportional to the power of the load.Power is a measure of the rate of energy consumption and, so, to determine the energy consumed by the load, the meter's combined magnetic fields drive a disc which, as it rotates, drives dials that record the amount of energy consumed over a given period (between meter readings). Energy (notpower!) is expressed in kilowatt hours (kWh).

You are required to check the p f of an electric load No pf meter is available?

The answer is B. Because the voltmeter and the ammeter gives us the voltage and current respectively. and by the multiplication of both we get apparent power and by the Walt meter we get the actual power.. and the p.f. is the ratio of the apparent and actual power..

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