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The fact of your asking really says you would need a lot of coaching to keep you out of trouble here. Meters, by nature, aren't really designed to be dependably or safely put into electrical outlets. I suggest you buy a outlet tester at your local home store for $6- or so. Instructions are with it, and all you do is plug it in- generally two green lights is good, any red is bad, none is dead/no voltage. If you are inside a power panel and asking this, I refer you to the first sentence above :) lbg

I would love to help you, I just need to know what type of meter you are using. There are so many you could possibly have. Post another question and I'll see if I can help.


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Q: How do you use a 'meter' to check the power to individual circuits?
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A watt-meter measures?

A watt meter measures the electric power in watts from circuits. They can measure utility frequency, audio frequency power and radio frequency measurement.

What is the common fault of a power transformer?

Inter-turn short circuits in individual windings.

How can you check a many volts in the power source?

voltage meter

How do you check an amp wire for power?

test light or volt meter

How can you fix the odometer on your 98 prizm?

When a meter stops working its not the meter that's broken it's the cables and circuits that control power the meter their should be a cable underneath the plastic that protects the meters follow that and replace it and it should be ok.

Can a power of attorney write a personal check from the principle to an individual?


What to do in short circuit conditions?

If this is in a house, just watch the meter used by the power company for power. It is easier if the meter is the older type with the spinning wheel. First see how fast the wheel is spinning or how much energy is being used normally, no circuits turned off. Second go to your circuit breaker panel. Turn off all circuits except for the main. Check your meter to see if it has stopped moving, or if energy is no longer consumed. If it hasn't, your short is between your meter and the main switch. If it has stopped, go back to the panel and turn on each of the circuits one at a time until you find the one that consumes the most energy or spins the wheel the fastest. From here you will know which circuit to troubleshoot and repair if necessary.

How is electricity distributed to lights and power sockets?

It depends where you live.In most countries, radial circuits are used for both power and lighting circuit.In the UK, ring-main circuits are used for power circuits, while radial circuits are used for lighting circuits.

What color is power in the radio?

Normally red. Check the wires with a volt meter to be sure.

How do you solve combination circuits?

Generally,1. Convert parallel branches into series equivalents2. Solve for the total resistance3. Solve for individual voltages4. Solve for individual currents5. Solve for power

What condition is unfavorable for the use of an ohmmeter?

An ohmmeter is used to check continuity and resistance. An unfavorable use would be to connect the meter to any power. Unless the meter has a safety feature, connecting it to any type of power will damage the meter.

How are series circuits and parellel circuits alike?

Both take current and energy from the power supply and dissipate power.

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