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same as an ar put the game and look for the code you want


There are no pictures that show how to use the GameShark with Gameboy Advance SP but someone posted a video showing how it is used here:

Explanation starts at seconds 1:15

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โˆ™ 2010-05-17 20:00:02
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Q: How do you use a Game Shark SP?
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Can you use game shark codes on a game shark sp?

Yes you can use game shark codes on a game shark sp. There is no difference between the game shark for the GBA and the game shark for the GBA SP. you have to click your game to the side and cheats will pop out , you click the cheats you want and prees start

How do you use a game shark SP for fire red?

Very carefully.

Can you use action replay codes for game boy advance sp without a game shark?

no,cant you buy a game shark it is not expensive.

Whats a game shark?

A game shark goes to a game-boy Sp and a Nintendo 64

Where can you get a game shark for GBA SP?


How do you operate a Game Shark with Pokemon Emerald?

You put the Game Shark on your Gameboy Advance SP.

Can you play Game Boy Color games on a game shark Sp?

on a s.p. yes. on a game shark s.p. no.

Does a gba game shark work for an Sp?


Where do you put the game shark?

you put the game in the game shark and if you have a DS, click on Start GBA Game. If you have a gamboy and/or sp, pop it in and it will take you there.

Does a game shark made for Game Boy Advance SP work for Game Boy?


How do you type cheats on a Game Boy advance sp?

you cant Unless you have a game shark

Is there a game shark sp code to make Pokemon shiny?

Yes, you can also use the cheat on Diamond and Peral with Action Replay.

How do you add games to a Game Shark SP?

You need to install it with a micro chip.

Do ruby and sapphire game shark SP codes work for leaf green?


What is the walk through walls cheat for game shark Sp on sapphire?


Can you use a game shark on Pokemon gold?

you can eat poo in this game and yes you can do game shark

Why wont y game shark for the Game Boy advance Sp work?

i had the same problem and right now I'm tryin to figure it out :(

Does a game shark ruins the Game Boy sp and the game? assuming yes...well mine didnt mess up so yeah.

Can you use a Game Boy DS charger on a Game Boy SP?

No it does not. NO

Can you use a Game Boy Advance charger on a Game Boy Advance SP?

No the Gameboy Advance SP has a seperate charger made for it.

What appliances use a Game Boy Advance SP charger?

The GBA SP and SP+ uses it, as well as the original DS but not the lite.

Does the Game Boy advance sp use the same charger as the Game Boy advance?

no the sp has a charger while the gameboy uses batteries

What is the game shark SP code to steal other peoples Pokemon in leaf green and fire red?

go to

Is the action replay for sp better then GameShark?

Yes and No because the game shark does more but the Action replay does not brake faster

Is there an action replay for gameboy advanced sp?

There is something like that. It's called a game shark. Sorry, no idea where to buy it.