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How do you use a Mystic Ticket that you got with cheats in Pokemon?

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You have to save in that boat place in Lilycove City. Then turn it off then back on and walk out the door and you'll be at Navelrock (myebe it wont work, but it worked on mine).

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How do you get Ho-oh in Pokemon Fire Red?

you need the mystic ticket and only time to get that happened a few yrs ago and if u got the mystic ticket its on 8 island in the navel rock

How do you get the mystic ticket Pokemon FireRed?

wait I think I got it yep I do, the answer is .... NOBODY WILL EVER KNOW. Unless you hack your game.

How do you got Odd pass in pokemon emerald?

There is not an Odd Pass in Pokemon Emerald but there are other special Items to be gotten. The Mystic Ticket, Old Sea Map, and Eon ticket can be obtained through special Live Nintendo events.

Navel rock in Pokemon Emerald?

You need to have a Mystic Ticket, which will allow you to sail to Navel Rock... But to obtain a Mystic Ticket, you need to attend a Nintendo Event which isn't present these days... You can still trade one from someone who attended the event... But if you don't know someone who got a Mystic Ticket, then the only choice left is using a cheat code... Search the net for both Mystic Ticket Item and Navel Rock Enabler (eg. search Mystic Ticket and Navel Rock Enabler Cheat Code)... Once you get into the Navel Rock, you can obtain an item called Sacred Rock and you can also capture level 70 Ho-Oh and Lugia.

How do you get the eo ticket in Pokemon Ruby?

you got the eon ticket on Pokemon ruby by at the Pokemon center in mauville city you get it by doing that trading info thing.

Where to use the eon ticket on Pokemon fire red?

To get a Eon ticket you have to got to a Nintendo Event to receive the Ticket

How do you get to birth island without gameshark or action replay?

You can't, unless you got the Aurora or Mystic Ticket from a Nintendo Event

Where do you go to use the Mystic Ticket in Pokemon FireRed?

Using the Mystic Ticketlisten when i say this.THE MYSTIC TICKET IS A MYTH FOR ALL POKEMON GAMES.PLEASE DON'T LOOK AT THIS LIKE I'M TRYING TO KEEP UR HOPES DOWN,but it isn't real. it has been proven. so next time someone asks you "how do you get the mystic ticket?" tell them that it is a question worthless to ask. this is what i heard to do with the mystic ticket[i got it of the official Pokemon site: go to a PC center. go upstairs and go to the first counter. there should be a guy in a green hat next 2 the lady. talk to him and he will give you the mystic ticket. after you have it, go to vermillion and go to the guy by the boat. he will take you to the place you go to with the mystic ticket.THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!!!the real way is to go to a Nintendo event and there is a machine (its real!) u walk up to it with the wireless adapter and it transmits a codevoila u have the ticket!!!!FULL INSTRUCTIONS:Go to a Nintendo special event where they have a wonder machine. You must have unlocked the Mystery Gift by going to a Pokemart and putting in the questionaire "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL". Start up the game with the Wireless Adapter attached. When the load screen comes up, there should be an option labelled 'Mystery Gift'. Go to that, go to wonder gift, and go to Wireless Communication. If you're close to the machine, you will get something from it. After this, go into your game, and go to a Pokemon center. Go upstairs and there should be a guy in a green hat. Talk to him, and he will give you the Mystic Ticket. Go to Vermilion City, and go to the docks where the S.S. Anne was. Talk to the guy who you showed the original ticket to, and he will let you go to the Navel Island.

Has anyone got the mystic ticket and aurora ticket for Pokemon emerald version on Game Boy without using gamesharks or any type of equipment?

Yes. I think you can get it all at the armegeton expo but I'm not sure how. Also the tickets/key items you get from gameshark doesn't work, for me anyway.

Do you have to cacth all of the Pokemon for your national dex in Pokemon diamond?

no its inpossible unes you've got cheats

How do you get the Pokemon manaphy without cheats or trading?

There is no way, unless you got it in an event.

How do you get lugia and ho oh in Pokemon fire red?

You have to get the Mystic Ticket and got to Navel island and there they will be. It's an old Nintendo event thing so nowadays the best way would be a cheat code which unfortunately I don't know any.

Pokemon Diamond how to go heatran?

You cannot get Heatran in Pokemon diamond or pearl unless you use cheats... ^_^ Edit: No, you can get it with or without cheats. I got heatran without cheats or action replay. Heatran is at Stark Mountain.

How do you get the Azure flute Pokemon Platinum?

You have to transfer the azure flute using ar cheats and boo you got it into Pokemon platinum

Are there any cheatcodes for Pokemon LeafGreen v1.1 to catch every Pokemon?

problebley like runescape says it has not got cheats it has

What are the cheats for Pokemon Tower Defense v2.1?

Well, if you are playing computer version, you can got to hacked pokemon tower defense.

Are there cheats for Pokemon HeartGold on an xploder system?

yes,but you have to buy the updated version[it will say "Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver compatible"on the front of the box] there great cheats - i got all Pokemon legendaries! -x999 master balls! and - a lot of hard to get Pokemon!

What is the cheat code to get the old sea chart in Pokemon emerald?

People say it is on with a Nintendo event but Ig ot and I got mewTWo okay You Have to get the Pokemon mounsuer wtch will not show up on your pokedex then use telekinetic and you will morph to someone who has had the Nintendo event or to someones secret base. then steal there bag witch will be at their secret base. and use it agin and you eill morph to the daycare at maulluville. Deposit Mounsuer turn the game go back turn the game back on then go to the PC and get your Pokemon out you will have every Pokemon plus the old sea chart and the eon ticket and mystic ticket will be itn the key items pocket and there you have 4 tickets and a completed pokedex. This does I did it with out any cheats and it work on any Pokemon game.

Will an Aurora Ticket from Action Replay work in Pokemon?

Aurora TicketNo. I tried it and i got the ticket and everything but the lady at the boat only asks for the regular ticket so its like it doesnt exist.

Is there anyway to get cheats on Pokemon diamond or pearl you got both but don't include action replay?


How to get the mystic ticket?

people say you can get the mystic ticket by spelling mystic with the unknowns but it is not true so if you want the mystic ticket you need either hack or go to a Nintendo event go to the pokemart then press the letterboard thing then type'LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL'then prss ok after that he will say after u save the game u will get the mystery gift then save and off your gba then turn it on again then u see the logo aledy lah then ur save file can....this...and that....and yadi yadi with other ruby or Sapphire(attach the cable then press mystery gift then u will get the ticket! Caution:if it doesn't work don't blame me i tried and i got it just don't blame ok....

Why did the dog have to go to court?

It got a barking ticket.

Short action replay code for a shiny latios in Pokemon platinum?

have u got cheats? ok go to your cheats and press shiny Pokemon.then go to the Pokemon cheats and press latios.then go into the game and when u go in the grass hold select.

Where to get mystic fire accessory in Pokemon?

I got mine from a random Togepi I caught. It was wearing it and I was given it when I went to give Togepi a massage at Veilstone.

In Pokemon ruby I have the eon ticket and I beat the e4 but it wont let me use it and i got it from a codebreaker?