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How do you use a boltaction rifle?

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2007-05-12 16:06:47

I'm not certain what you mean, "how do you use a boltaction",

but I'll go with it anyway. Bolt action, simply refers to the

mechanism that ejects the old shell and loads a new shell into the

chamber. The bolt action is a kind of handle on top of the gun, and

when you want to load a shell, and this is assuming it has the

capacity for more than one shell, you raise the handle up, and pull

it back;this will eject a spent shell if you've already fired it;

then push the bolt forward, which loads a new shell. If it's a

single shell capacity, or single shot, you'll have to follow the

above instructions, but load the shell in manually after you've

opened the chamber by pulling back the bolt. Clear as mud.

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