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How do you use a hand lens?

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you hold the hand lens up to what you want to look at and look through it

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What are two institutions that use hand lens?

People hunting for fossils use hand lens and some crime labs do as well.

What do you use to see small objects?

Hand lens

What are the two ways for a scientist to use a hand lens?

A magnifying glass (called a hand lens in laboratory contexts) is a convex lens that is used to produce a magnified image of an object. A hand lens can be used to magnify an object to make it easier to see or also to focus light.

Which is the least powerful between a hand lens and a compound light microscope?

neither i use my left hand

Uses of hand lens?

hand lens

Do hand lens refract light?

Yes, hand lens reflect light.

What is a hand lens used for?

You use it to magnify an object.You can not see it with your naked eye.

Which tool should a student use to examine spots on a frog?

Hand lens

Who invented the first hand lens?

William Julliano invented the first hand lens in 1991

What is the word origin for hand lens?

A hand lens is nothing more than a hand-held magnifying glass. The term "hand lens" is used primarily in a laboratory setting. The lens, or glass, is set into a frame with a handle attached. The fictional Sherlock Holmes popularized the hand lens, or magnifyng glass when looking for clues to solve a mystery.

Which lens is the type of lens that is used in a hand lens?

The type of lense is a convex lense

What type of lens is used in a hand lens?

double convex

What does a hand lens measure?

it measures your hand length

What are similarities between a microscope and a hand lens?

Similarities between a magnifying lens and a microscope

Use of the hand lens?

to reduce the strain of your eyes and help to see distanced objects better

What is a hand-held instrument used to make an item look larger?

hands lens or hand lens

What does hand lens mean in science?

A hand lens is a magnifying glass, archaic term. It makes things like bugs look bigger. You carry it in your hand.

What are hand lenses used for?

hand lens are used for magniffin

What tool would you use to study the colors of a rainbow?

you can use a hand lens which is the best tool b/c it uses reflection

What does a refracting telescope use to produce an image?

A lens.A lens.A lens.A lens.

What is a hand lens used for in science?

A hand lens is used to magnify an object. It is used to get a closer look at small features or objects.

How does a hand lens work?

a lens works when light goes through it and refracts (bends) inside the lens. so the light

What is the difference between a microscope and a hand lens?

A microscope has two lenses and magnifies much more powerfully than a normal hand lens.

Who invented the hand lens?

Roger Bacon invented the magnifying glass. The magnifying glass is also called the hand lens. It was invented in 1250.

To magnify an object would you use a convex lens or a concave lens?

You would use a convex lens.