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How do you use a link cable between Pokemon Red and Blue?

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1) Connect cable to cable-shape outlit marked 'EXT.' on gameboy.
2) Likewise on opposite gameboy.
3) Visit any Pokemon center (on both games) and talk to the lady at the counter on the right. She blocks the way to the room and will let you in once you & your friend are both linked up and both speak to her.
4) Choose option (trade / battle).
5) Enjoy.

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How do you use a link cable between Pokemon Yellow and blue to trade Pokemon?

in the GameBoy, there is a slot in the side where it says link cable. that's the port to place the link cable.

Can you use a link cable between Pokemon Blue and yellow?


How do you trade Pokemon on Pokemon Blue?

Get a Gameboy link cable. Note: Pokemon Red and Blue can trade, and Pokemon Yellow can trade with Pokemon Red and Blue

How do you link up Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue?

go to the top of the Pokemon center { 2nd floor } get link cable and you can connect!

How do you link connection cable between Pokemon pinball and Pokemon ruby?


How are you able to trade in Pokemon Yellow?

One can trade in Pokemon Yellow via link cable. Two Gameboy consoles can be connected via link cable and Pokemon can be traded across Pokemon Blue, Red, or Yellow.

Can you trade Pokemon from Red version to Blue version?

Yes you can. Use a link cable.

Can you trade Pokemon between two Pokemon sapphires?

yes, but you need a game-link cable

How do you trade Pokemon between Sapphire and Silver?

Trading Pokemonlink cableTehpengywin: Obviously, but can it actually be done? Are they compatable?yes you can but you have to have two game boys and a link cable

Can you trade Pokemon from blue to crystal?

yes but you need a link-cable. but you cant trade a new Pokemon to the older games

Can you trade Pokemon red version to Pokemon Blue version?

Yes, but you'll need a link cable into the Gameboy to trade.

Pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team how to get a link cable?

buy it somewhere, not sure where

What item do you have to hold to evolve into machamp on Pokemon mystery dungeon blue verion?

Link cable

How do you link Pokemon gold and Pokemon silver?

with a link cable

Can you trade Pokemon between ruby and soul silver using a link cable?


Where do you buy a link cable for Pokemon Blue team?

A link cable can be found in wish cave after having the wish stone on 50F, or more commonly found in Solar cave, if you already have the locked items. A link cable will be in its place.

How do you trade between red blue and yellow Pokemon games?

With a cable link. You need to hook it up to both gameboys, take it to a pokecenter, and press A at the same time when you go to the cable center lady.

What does a link cable do in Pokemon Blue rescue?

A link cable evolves Pokemon that evolve with trades in the main series. Since there are no humans, the link cable is substituted. to get a link cable, go to any location that has a locked door. Get the item there, and leave. Then, the next day, go back to the same spot with another key, and instead of the item, there will be a link cable. this is because the game won't allow you to have more than one of an item, unless you have a wonder mail. for the evolutions, here is what you do. you go to luminous spring with a Pokemon like Haunter, machoke, or kadabra. you sacrifice the link cable, and that is how you use the link cable!

How do you get a link cable in Pokemon blue rescue team?

solar cave 15F u need a key

How do you trade between Pokemon emerald and Pokemon Sapphire?

get a cable or link that connects into two different gameboys, go to the Pokemon center(up stairs) and go to cable club

How do you trade between Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Emerald?

Trading Pokemon Between VersionsYou can only trade between the Pokemon games, red, blue, yellow, gold, and silver, using a link cable. AnswerYou can't trade original games with emerald, only FireRed and LeafGreen Answeryou can't trade Pokemon from blue, red, or yellow on to FireRed or LeafGreen I tried it. The reasonThe games aren't compadible, they have different inner workings.

Can you battle between Pokemon Red and Pokemon Yellow?

Yes you can, if you own a link cable to connect the two gameboys.

How do you trade between Pokemon FireRed and Ruby?

you need a gameboy advance link cable

Can you trade between Pokemon gold and firered?

you need a special link cable though

How do you use a link cable between Pokemon Blue and gold?

First, both players have to be in a Pokemon center and have to talk to the trading person at virtually the same time. You only need one cable, and you connect it to the little port on the side of both of the game boys.