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How do you use a plasma television as a computer monitor?

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The answer depends on the TV and the video card. If you have a newer mid to upper range video card, there will most likely be multiple outputs, including S-video and DVI output as well as the standard VGA. In that case, the answer is quite simple; just attach your DVI cable from the card to the TV. In addition, quite a few of the plasma TVs have VGA inputs built into the back of the TV, again, simply attach a VGA cable. If your TV does not have a VGA input, and your viceo card has only a VGA output, your BEST (and most economical) solution would be to upgrade your video card to a multiple display model, looking for one that supports DVI. You can also find aftermarket products (Google "VGA to DVI converter") in what seem to be the $350 plus range. An upgraded card should run you between $40 to $200

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How do you use tv as PC monitor TV is 42 inch plasmz?

There are several ways to connect and use a 42-inch plasma screen as a computer monitor. The three most common interfaces that can be used are HDMI, DVI and VGA.

Can you use TV as computer monitor?

Yes if your computer and your television support VGA or HDMI

Can you use a computer monitor for a tv monitor?

Yes if you have a cable box and no if you don't.

What is the computer component to turn your computer into a tv called?

if you mean to connect it to a tv and your computer and tv has a monitor port you can use that

Can I use my lcd tv monitor with my home computer?

Yes, you can indeed use your lcd monitor with your home computer. It is very popular.

Can a flat screen monitor come in plasma types?

Yes, Samsung make plasma flat screen monitors one can use with a PC or games console. One can also use any modern plasma TV as a monitor if they want to.

Can you use a TV as a computer monitor?

yes by connecting the wire.

Is there any real difference between a flat computer monitor and a HDTV screen?

A tv has a tuner.A monitor does not.If you have a digital cable box you can hook a monitor up to it and watch tv on it.If your tv has hdmi or vga you can plug it in to your computer and use it as a monitor.

Can I use my old tv as a spare monitor?

Yes you can use your TV as a spare monitor but you will need a cable to connect to the computer but again this will depend on how old your tv is and if a cable is avilable for it.

Can you use my tv as a screen for my computer?

If you monitor has a DVI,VGA or HDMI, then you can.

How do I connect a computer to an older tv screen?

use a monitor pin to a TV pin converter cable

Can you use the ac power cord for your monitor and use it on your ps3. the monitor ac cord states 250v and the ps3 is 240v so can you use the cord for the ps3?

The PS3 is to be connected to a television or TV Monitor and not a computer monitor. In whatever country the PS3 was designed for the TV should also be for that same power supply

Is a plasma or LCD TV better for use as a computer monitor and what are the pro and cons?

Most current plasma and LCD TVs can be used as monitors and many people do use it as such - especially for kiosks and signage. The drawback is typically lower resolution for these types of applications. You pay alot of money for these big displays and a 720p display is much cheaper than a 1080p. Pros - you get to watch TV. Plasma displays have had a richer picture quality for movies - something that probably does not mater for computer use. Cons - Much more expensive at higher resolutions. Mounting options are more expensive with large TVs

What is the use of a computer monitor?

function of monitor

Can you use a computer without a monitor?

Yes, you can use a computer without a visual display device specifically made for computers. Examples include projector screens or most newer Flat TV screens with a computer monitor input plug.

What do people use plasma for?

For PLASMA tv and lights

Can I use a flat samsung tv as a computer monitor?

Yes, most newer televisions can be hooked up to be used as a monitor. You will have to look at your video card and display, to make sure these are adequate.

How can i use an old computer monitor as television?

You need a converter that changes a TV signal to a VGA signal (the type the monitor uses). These converters can be found by searching the internet for 'TV to PC' converters, 'TV to VGA' converters, etc.

Is there a difference between flat screens and flat panels?

Some people may use the terms flat screens and flat panel interchangeably, but they actually refer to two different things. The term "flat screen refers to a computer monitor or television screen that is flat, without curves. Thus, a CRT monitor could be refered to as "flat screen." A flat panel, on the other hand, refers to a computer monitor or television (LED and plasma) with a thin body.

what is the difference between lcd television and jvc plasma?

A JVC plasma is a brand of television and a plasma television does not use liquid crystal displays (which is and LCD television). Plasma televisions are thinner and provide crisper images.

Does your computer and tower have to match?

Your tower is your computer. If you are asking if the monitor and computer have to match the answer is no. You can use any monitor with any computer.

Can you use a gateway monitor witha Dell computer?

Sure a monitor is a monitor

What is the use of new HD 3D plasma tv?

It is a television that has 3D capability, and has a plasma screen.

How do you used a computer monitor as a tv?

Your just supposed to hook it up that way, I guess. I'm only nine, but my dad is buying a flat screen tv for my room and I'm going to use it as a computer and a tv.

Can I use a 20" LCD monitor as a TV screen?

One of the highest rated TV screen and computer monitor combination products is the Samsung LD-S2338W. It offers easy PC hookup and has a crisp, ultra-colorful high definition screen perfect for television viewing or for working on the computer.

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