How do you use a plasma television as a computer monitor?

The answer depends on the TV and the video card. If you have a newer mid to upper range video card, there will most likely be multiple outputs, including S-video and DVI output as well as the standard VGA. In that case, the answer is quite simple; just attach your DVI cable from the card to the TV. In addition, quite a few of the plasma TVs have VGA inputs built into the back of the TV, again, simply attach a VGA cable. If your TV does not have a VGA input, and your viceo card has only a VGA output, your BEST (and most economical) solution would be to upgrade your video card to a multiple display model, looking for one that supports DVI. You can also find aftermarket products (Google "VGA to DVI converter") in what seem to be the $350 plus range. An upgraded card should run you between $40 to $200