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How do you use a sierra wireless air card with a wireless router?


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November 29, 2013 6:38PM

A call to ATT engineering revealed that the Air Card Data via the ATT Communications Manager will not operate over a second network.

One solution is to route the USB cable 1st to a USB switch that will select 1 of either 2 or 4 ports on the switch and then connect to the desired computer ... you must maintain a length of less than 16 feet to the switch and after that you can route from the switch to the various computers using USB cables. If any one of the legs of USB cable after the switch is greater than 16 feet, use an Active USB extender cable. These are essentially a 1 port USB device which amplifies the signal every 16 feet. You can daisy chain up to 5 of these devices. ... Andy

ATT likes to tell you that you can't use the aircard with a wireless router, and if you call for support they will make you put it in your computer before they will even talk to you. HOWEVER, there ARE routers that will use your aircard as the modem. I use a CradlePoint router and it works great! There are also other routers that will test and certify for various aircards.