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Anemometer is used by knots or by beaufort scale

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Q: How do you use anemometer?
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Meaning and use of propeler anemometer?

meaning and use of propeler anemometer

What is the use of anemometer?

An anemometer is used for weather forecasting by meteorologists.

What is an anemometer use for?

An anemometer is used to measure wind speed.

What do you use to measure a hurricane?


What would you use to measure wind?

An 'anemometer' measures speed of windAn 'anemometer' measures speed of wind

What do an anemometer use for?

It measures wind speed.

How do meteorologist use anemometer?

They use them to measure wind speed

How can you use the anemometer?

The Anemometer measures wind speed, not wind direction. Wind Direction is measured by the wind vane.

What can people use to measure the speed of the wind?


What is the use of cup anemometer?

To measure the speed of wind

What do metorologist use an anemometer for?

To measure the speed of wind.

Why is a anemometer called a anemometer?

An anemometer is called an "anemometer" because in greek "anemos" ment wind

Why the anemometer is important?

The reason the anemometer is so important is because you use it to measure the velocity of the wind and to measure pressure of the wind ----

Anemometer is instrument use in measuring .......?

An anemometer is used for measuring the speed of wind,

What instruments would you use to measure air velocity?

An anemometer.

Whts the instrument you use to measure wind?

Windspeed is anemometer

What to measure for microclimate?

Anemometer Improvement. You can use a thermometer too.

Who measures anemometer?

an instrument use to measure wind speed

How are winds measured in a hurricane?

They use a device called an anemometer.

How is an anemometer calibrated?

The anemometer cups are taken off and a metal disc substituted. This is spun and the time taken to "run down" to a certain speed is observed, and if within specifications for that type of anemometer, the machine is OK for use.

Why a meteorologist would need to use a anemometer?

Well, a speedometer measures speed, so an anemometer must measure anem.(Actually, an anemometer measures wind speed, anemos being the Greek word for wind.)

In which regions of the US would you use an anemometer and why?

an Anemometer measure wind speed so it would be used everywhere in the US and all over the world

What are 10 tools the scientist use in their work?

Barometers, Anemometer, Thermometer

What do you use to measure wind direction?

An anemometer with a wind vane is the right answer

Which weather instrument would you use to measure wind speed?