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How do you use bbcode?

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This website, , will help you a lot :)

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Why would message boards use BBCode?

There are many reasons why a message board would choose to use BBCode. The biggest reason why a message board would choose BBCode would be that it is very easy to use.

How do you insert pictures on forums?

Most forums use 'BBCode' which is similar to HTML. In BBCode, use the img tag: [img]path/to/image.jpg[/img]

Can you use css in bbcode signatures to show deviantart galleries?


Which link do you use from PhotoBucket to put an Image on your profile?

To add an image to your profile, just copy and paste the Direct Link onto it. The system will then change it into HTML code, for it to display properly. There is no need to use HTML or BBCode.

Can you load flash movies on to online forum?

This is possible on some forums but not others through the use of BBCode. BBCode is basically the textformatting code used on forums. For example, [b]Your Text[/b] would result in Your Text. For flash movies, the most common code is [flash]Flash Movie Link[/flash]. However, as stated above, not all forums have this feature added/enabled.

How can you put pictures on gaia?

Sadly, you cannot use HTML codes. The coding system Gaia let's the users use is a coding system called BBCode. It's pretty much the same thing only [ ] are used in place of < >. To get a picture on Gaia, you much get an account on and upload your photo there. When you are done editing it, go to your profile. Move your mouse over the picture and a drop down menu should appear. The last code is BBCode. Copy and past that onto Gaia.

How do you make your signature on Gaia?

Go to My Gaia, Account Settings, Signature. You can then put images and text there. BBcode is enabled.

How do you insert a horizontal line in code?

By code what kind of code do you mean? If HTML, then <hr/>, if normal wikitext/BBCode, ----.

Where can I find a BB code list for Invisionfree and ZetaBoard?

ZetaBoards / InvisionFree: phpBB: SMF: vBulletin:

How Can you put music in

Embedded? You can't. All html/BBCode/pictures/videos are automatically filtered out of your profile or stories.

What is a BB code?

BBCode is an abbreviation for Bulletin Board Code, the lightweight language used to format posts in many message boards.

How do you get virtual pet pictures from you desktop into your virtual pet site?

You'll need something like Deviant Art. Submit images to an art site like that, that'll give you an Image address - right click and paste onto your site. [img][/img] This is a fake example of what you would put using BBCode. You could also convert to HTML by using a BBCode/HTML converter simply by copying and pasting. Other codes use different formats.

How do you make writing a different color on gaia?

Using BBCode. For instance, [color=red]Red Text[/color], or [color=blue]Blue Text[/color].

What are HTML translators?

That depends, it may be HTML script "translated" into normal text, as BBCode where you can make bold text, and it can be HTML which is translated into for example PHP with echo tags.

How do you hyperlink something on GaiaOnline?

You don't use Hyperlink, you use BBCode! For example, if you want to insert a link, just do this: [url=]This is Midnight Stardust's Blog![/url] If you want to insert an IMAGE with a link, do this: [url=(the link of your website where your image is)][img](the link of your image)[/img][/url] If you just want an image, do this: [img](your link of your image)[/img] NOW DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

How do you post a picture on a forum with HTML?

Most forums use something that is called BBcode, which is an alias of HTML. On most forums the code would be [img][/img] some forums use HTML link to upload the image , on those forums paste the HTML link generated from a image hosting website. make sure that there are no space's present in between the tags or links

How do you put screenshots into a forum post?

You can either post a link to the screenshot, by uploading it to a file hosting website first. You can also use bbcode, which most forums have enabled by using the following code: [IMG][/IMG] Whilst, using them tags you must enter the link to the screenshot in between them, make sure the link isn't broken, otherwise this won't work.

When will an egg hatch in dragon cave?

dragon cave eggs;First you get a BBCode or HTML code. BBCode is for forums and such, While the HTML code is for websites. You paste the code in the correct place and it must have a certain number of clicks before it grows into a baby/adolescent and then with more clicks it will be a adult. When its a adult it no longer needs clicks, you can name it and breed it. For evey egg it takes a different amount of clicks.__They make it sound complicated. You don't have to post your eggs everywhere. Just visit hatcherys daily like these two below:-

How do you post embed object code so that it displays only the code for the object rather than the actual object on a blog-site which only allows your input there in the form of HTML and not BBcode?

if you want change the font size you have to do [size=20]some text here[/size]

Can you use photos from in my blog without their permission?

Flickr allows each photographer to determine what ways they will allow their photos to be used through Creative Commons licenses and Flickr settings. Some photos can be used on blog without explicitly asking the photographer because they already have given you (and anyone else) permission to use their photos through their settings. There are different settings within Flickr that allow you different levels of freedom to use photos.On the right side of a photo page, there is a "License" section which will tell you the details of how you are allowed to use the photo. It will either say "Some Rights Reserved" or "All Rights Reserved" and clicking on those words will give you the specific details of the license.As per their community guidelines, if you useany picture from flickr, you must add a link back to the photo's page on It also asks that you don't claim someone else's picture as your own.Most Freedom - Some Rights Reserved with adaptation allowedSome photos on Flickr allow for you to modify or adapt them. If you want to crop a photo, edit it in Photoshop, use it in a collage, etc. then you will need to find a photo that allows for modification. You can find these photos using Flickr's Advanced Search and checking the boxes for "Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content" and "Find content to modify, adapt, or build upon" at the bottom of the page. Moderate Freedom - Some Rights ReservedIf a photo has a "Some Rights Reserved" license, you have the right to share, copy, distribute and transmit the work, provided that you credit the photographer. Unlike some of the other options, this gives you the right to host the image file on your own website. You can find these photos using in Advanced Search by checking the box for "Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content." Free to Embed - HTML/BBCode EnabledSome photos which are "All Rights Reserved" still allow you to embed the image from Flickr onto your blog. Click on "Share This" above the photo, and click on "Grab the HTML/BBCode" - if you don't see this option listed, it means that the photographer has not allowed it and you will have to use one of the other options discussed below. If it is listed, all you need to do is select the size you want and copy the HTML code into your blog editor (BBCode is generally used for forums). Useable on most blogs - 'Blog It' EnabledIf HTML/BBCode is not enabled, then you have one last method by which you might be able to use Flickr photos on your blog. If your blog is hosted on Blogger, LiveJournal, Manila, Movable Type, Typepad, Vox, or WordPress; is a self-hosted Wordpress blog; is Atom Enabled; or is Meta Weblog API Enabled; then you can tell Flickr the details of your blog and configure how you want to photos you blog to look. Once you have done this, if you are able to click "Share This" on the photo page, then you should see "Blog It" as the last option in the list, and you can select the blog that you want to post the photo on. This disadvantages of this method are that you can only use one photo per blog post and the maximum size you can use is 500px. Cannot Use - Share This not EnabledIf the "Share This" button on top of the photo is not clickable, then you are not able to use the photo at all for free. If the photographer is a member of the Flickr Getty Images program, below the license you will see "Request to license Photographer Name's photos via Getty Images." You can click "Request to license" and send a request, but you will have to pay in order to use the photo.

How do you get a profile background on gaiaonline?

When you're on gaia go to your profile and at the top it should say edit profile layout. Click on it; a box should pop up saying theme, pictures, text, ect. Click on theme, there's already themes to pick from but if you want a different one go to photobucket and type in whatever or if you already have a bbcode or whatever typr it in where it says URL.

How do you insert an image?

In most cases, you can either:copy and paste an image into the program you are usingclick on an image button, if there is oneif there are any, look in the Menus at the top of the window.Inserting an image with code:HTML: CSS: background-image: url('path/to/image.jpg');BBCode: [img]path/to/image.jpg[/img] just put the path/to/image.jpg on a line by itself.

How do you cross something out on gaia?

Hi. I know what your talking about. On the profile. That is a programming language called BBCode this is how you do it. If you want to type " I LOVE PUPPIES " and cross it out type this [s]I LOVE PUPPIES[/s] The s's stand for "strikeout" This can be done with other things such as [color=white] Then this text it white [/color] You can experiemnt with all kinds of things.. or you can just Google it! But every command ends with a [/command here] Be sure you take the text you want to be striken out and put this around it. [s]This is sample text[/s] -Ellron

What Excel feature can be used to automatically subtotal columns in your database containing numbers?

You can use the Autosum.You can use the Autosum.You can use the Autosum.You can use the Autosum.You can use the Autosum.You can use the Autosum.You can use the Autosum.You can use the Autosum.You can use the Autosum.You can use the Autosum.You can use the Autosum.

What do you use to work out equations on excel?

You use the formulas and functions.You use the formulas and functions.You use the formulas and functions.You use the formulas and functions.You use the formulas and functions.You use the formulas and functions.You use the formulas and functions.You use the formulas and functions.You use the formulas and functions.You use the formulas and functions.You use the formulas and functions.