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catalyst will not be effected. It will only speed the process up.

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The teen age girl being beaten was a catalyst for the riot.
My daughter's engagement became a catalyst for my diet.

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Can you use catalyst in a sentence?

Her words were the catalyst for my sudden, yet, percise actions.

How do you use catalyst in a sentence for murder?

The girl's constant cajoling was a catalyst in the circumstance of the callous murder.

How do you use the word catalyst in a sentence?

War is the most powerful catalyst in technical developments. The chemical reaction can be sped up by using a catalyst.

Use catalyst in a sentence?

A catalyst is a substance that causes or aids in any type of reaction. Here are some sentences.That enzyme words as a catalyst in your body.She was the catalyst that started the argument.A catalyst is needed to make this chemical reaction occur.

Can you write a sentence using catalyst?

I don't know what a catalyst is. (That's my sentence XD)

An example sentence with catalyst in it?

A catalyst is a substance that helps a chemical reaction happen faster without suffering any change. An example sentence is: Because of the catalyst, the project ending early.

What is a sentence using the word catalyst?

"A sparking wire was the catalyst in the natural gas explosion." "Chlorophyll is the catalyst in the process of photosynthesis."

What is an example of a catalyst in a sentence?

This compound is an active homogeneous epoxidation catalyst in its own right.

How do you write a sentence that uses 'catalyst' as noun?

Enzymes function as cell catalysts.

Can you write a sentence with the word catalyst?

"She added the catalyst to the mixture, and within seconds the reaction had started."

Who use the catalyst as an enzyme?

i use the catalyst as an enzyme. you should too. -peyton manning.

Can you have a sentence using the word catalyst?

since the group has been boring my friend came and the group started to have catalyst

Could you tell the usage of action of and action by?

What is the action of a catalyst in a chemical reaction? In this sentence, you're asking what the catalyst does. The chemical reaction only takes place because of action by the catalyst. In this sentence, you are essentially saying the same thing, but you don't put "the" in front of "action".

Which catalyst can we use for ethoxylation?


What is overcome by the use of a catalyst?


How do you use the word precipi tate in a sentence?

The word 'precipitate' refers to a catalyst of events. An example of this word used in a sentence would be, 'The smoke from the toy store fire precipitated the calling for the fire department.'

Complete the sentence when an enzyme affects a chemical rection it is acting as a biological?


Why are catalysts usually expensive?

Because some of the catalyst is rare such as platinum that is use as catalyst to produce ammonia.

What is the Raney Ni catalyst?

RANEY Nickel is a reagent and a catalyst in organic chemistry,,,and it is use in hydrogenolysis of glycerol.

Why would a scientist use a catalyst in an experiment?

A catalyst is used to speed up a reaction. It is used in biological reactions as well. Those catalyst are called enzymes.

What does a catalyst do in chemical reactions?

A catalyst influences the 'speed' of a chemical reaction, and is not consumed. Therefore you can use it multiple times. If it 'speeds up' the reaction, it is called a positive catalyst. It it 'slows it down,' it is called a negative catalyst.

What is a sentence using the word hydrogen?

Hydrogen and oxygen combined with a catalyst create water.

To increase the rate of a chemical reaction what can you do?

Use a catalyst

How do you use photosynthesis in a sentence?

Photosynthesis is a chemical process that uses Carbon dioxide gas and water along with the catalyst chlorophyll molecules and sunlight energy to form glucose and oxygen gas

What is the use of copper turning?

it is used as a catalyst in chemical reactions

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