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How do you use circa in a sentence?


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Circa means "around" or "about". If the exact date of an event is uncertain, "circa" may be used to indicate that the date is somewhere within about 10 years of the "circa" year given. ex. He was born circa 1820. (This means that the birth date was somewhere between 1810 and 1830.)

If the exact date is known, use of the word "circa" is negated. Many people (especially online) will give an exact date such as June 1, 1898, preceded by "circa" because they are not certain on exactly which day the event occurred. The public would be better served and the event better defined by simply saying "the event occurred near this date. As was stated above, "circa" denotes a broad span of up to 20 years which could place the event in a totally different generation.


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She was born circa 1950.

A very good quality vintage handbag dating to circa 1958.

If your entire sentence or phrase is also in upper case, then yes.For example:Wooden Table, c. 1850Wooden Table, circa 1850WOODEN TABLE, CIRCA 1850

Circa Means Approximatelyor in other words about. To help you remember the definition think about a circle And the circuit think about around it so for example a sentence would be :World War 1 was circa 90 years ago( About)

There is no such currency as the 'circa'. 'circa' means 'approximately'.

When an exact date of an artifact is not known. "An earthenware cream jug was made in Stoke on Trent circa 1760" is an example

'circa' may not be a currency at all; if your referent says 'circa', it may mean 'about'

circa means about/around.

"Circa" means 'around.'

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The phrase "circa 1950" means "some time around 1950." The word "circa" is Latin for "about" or "near".

circa means around or about. so circa 1920's means one of the years in the 1920's.

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"Circa" is Latin for "around" or "about". "circa 1964" = around 1964.Circa is used in front of a particular year to say that this is the approximate date when something happened or was made.ExampleThe story tells of a runaway slave girl in Louisiana, circa 1850

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