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How do you use construct in a sentence?

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Someday, I want to construct a building out of chocolate.

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Use the noun construct in a sentence?

The early settlers toiled to construct houses from logs.

How do you use the word construct in a sentence?

He will construct a little house made of wood chips and paperclips.

What is a good sentence for construct?

You can construct a great sentence.

How do you construct a sentence with stigma?

Your question doesn't make sense. Do you mean "How do you use stigma in a sentence?"

Construct in a sentence?

I will construct the llama's memorial.

Use smoothly adverb to construct the sentence?

I hope that this program will be run smoothly.

Use the word assuage and construct a sentence?

The therapist will assuage my broken heart.

What is a sentence using construct?

I will construct a building for business.

How do you construct sentence on word purview?

how to construct on word purview

What is Literary Skills?

A command and use of the rules of construct and manipulation of word and sentence structure.

How do you use intricate in a sentence?

The model car was difficult to construct due to the intricate parts.

How do you construct this sentence some kids needs a curator?

how to construct the sentence of some kids needs a curator

Should you use which or that in a sentence?

That depends on which sentence you are trying to construct. "Which" usually involves a question, "that" usually denotes a specific item.

Can you give me a sentence using the word construct?

I am trying to construct a simple model.

Can you construct a sentence for altruist?

Who or what is an Altruist

What does a computer can do that you can not do?

construct a proper sentence

Construct a sentence use word similar?

My sister and I are not very similar, although we do have a lot of things in common.

A sentence for construct?

We thought we may construct a house, changed our minds and built a bungalow

How do you put the word construct in a sentence?

You need to have the proper tools in order to construct a home.

Is it correct to use for in a sentence like Failure in examination was destined for him?

While you could construct the sentence in that way it might be more usual to use a different form such as... He was destined for failure in the examination.

An instrument use to construct a straight line?

an instrument use to construct straight line?

Could you construct a sentence with the word dignify?


How can you use haiku in a sentence?

Haikus are such fun, let me help you construct one, soon you will be done. This is in the Haiku format (5,7.5) but not about nature.

Construct meaningful sentence using noun as predicate nominative?

A sentence containing a predicate nominative

What is quafication to be clerk typist?

I imagine 2 of them would be: * To spell 'qualification' correctly and, * To construct an English sentence correctly (i.e: the use and correct use of grammar etc.)