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How do you use contagion in a sentence?


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The Avian Influenza is a contagion.
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The swine flu contagion spread over the world in a matter of weeks.

the bird flew as high as he could then contagion caught his eye

Contagion might be used when refering to something infectious, for example... The fear of contagion prevented him from going to public places.

The contagion of the sudden decision to cancel school due to weather spread through the school like wildfire.

As the 1980s progressed, crack cocaine continued to ravage American cities like a deadly contagion. As quoted from the book "Pyro Marketing," by Greg Stielstra. "More recently the idea of marketing as a viral contagion has been going around." "In this view the marketing message is a virus spread from person to person like the common cold."

The Production Budget for Contagion was $60,000,000.

Matt Damon and Gwyneth Paltrow starred in Contagion.

The duration of Contagion - film - is 1.77 hours.

Contagion grossed $137,551,594 worldwide.

Contagion grossed $75,658,097 in the domestic market.

Any disease easily transmitted by contact is called contagion or contagious disease.

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A contagion is either a disease spread by contact, the spread of such a disease, or the spread of anything harmful, as if it were a disease.

Matt Damon played Mitch Emhoff in Contagion.

The cast of Contagion - 2009 includes: Sky Lynch as Jack

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A pathogen causes a disease while a contagion spreads a disease by direct or indirect contact.

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No. Neither of Meryl Streep's actress daughters -- Mamie and Grace Gummer -- was in the 2011 thriller "Contagion."

The contagion theory of emotions deduces that two people can converge their emotions. This is typically done through observation as well as mimicry.

Aaron Lynch has written: 'Thought Contagion' -- subject(s): Social psychology, Contagion (Social psychology), Memetics

The botfly larvae are laid directly on mammal hosts or by the use of intermediate vectors. The larvae are obligate parasites that bore into the skin. I suppose than this is not aseptic and could lead to contagion from opportunistic microorganisms, but the initial transfers and intermediate vectors are not considered contagion.

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i do not know how to use embalming in a sentence. (there is the sentence)

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