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press your 5 digit code to unlock the doors and if you want to lock the doors press the last two keys together. also after you press your 5 digit code if you the second button (3-4) it will unlock all the doors.

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What is the name of the pad on the computer that replaces an external mouse?

The touch pad, or trac pad

How do you change the battery in a 2002 jetta keyless entry key pad?

how do you change the battery in a 2002 jetta keyless entry pad?

Car alarm code for 2004 sport trac?

Hi there, I have a 2004 and I do not have a code for the alarm, all I do is hit door lock twice on the key chain pad and the alarm sets itself. Hope this helps, if not I have no other answer for you, good luck

Where is a key less entry pad in a 2002 Escalade?

There are two entry pads on the 2002 Escalade. The first is the remote pad and second is located in the secondary information center on the dashboard.

Is the blackberry key pad better then the iphone 4 key pad As u can buy a case that has the blackberry key pad with it?

Yes, the Blackberry key pad better than the iPhone 4 key pad.

How do you test the entry key pad on a ford sports trac?

Hit the 7/8 and 9/0 buttons at the same time, if your keypad works it will lock your truck.

How or do any one knows the driver side door key pad code or factory code?

I have a 03 ford explorer sport and the key pad code was behind the glovebox on the back of the door lock unlock module

Key pad code for 2001 ford explorer sport?

You have to remove the passenger airbag and use a flash light and read the 5-digit code then try that code on the keyless pad.

Where is the key less entry key pad code for 2000 ford explorer sport?

These are each programmed separately - it's not just one code for every vehicle.

Where is the key-less entry key pad code for a 2005 Lincoln Continental located?

Ford stoped makeing Lincoln Continental's in 2002.

What is the meaning of numeric key pad?

The meaning of numeric key pad is the set of keys that have number on the side of the laptop. The older versions of laptops did not have a numeric key pad.

2002 sport trac can not find the key pad code you have looked behind the kick plate you have looked behind the glove box and under the defroster any other Ideas?

On 2002 sport trac, pull the black plactic defroster plate off from the top of dash( it snaps in/out, be careful). With defroster plate out of the way, take a bright flashlite and shine through windshield (from outside the truck) into the area above passenger airbag location. You will see a white box with an arrow and word "forward". To the drivers side of arrow is 5 somewhat large numbers, this is your keycode. They were hard for me to read (bad angle),but with a little trial and error on the keypad, I found the right numbers. Do Not touch or try to remove airbag/airbag cover.

Where is the compuTer located for the key pad for a 2002 ford sport track?

You will need to lower the glove compartment, then remove some other parts, but you will see the white box sitting in there. If you don't know the factory code, you can remove the computer and find the code on the top.

Your drivers door entry key pad isn't working Where should you start?

Check the battery in your key pad.

What are the differences in a touch pad and a key pad?

A touch pad is a screen where you use your finger as a mouse, touching the screen to type and click things. A key pad is your normal computer keyboard where there are keys that you type on.

Ford Explorer driver door lock?

you can lock the driver side door on my 2001 ford explorer sport but it wont unlock with key nor key pad you have to go through passanger door

What is A Computer Interface That Enables A User To Launch Commands By Pointing And Clicking At Graphical Objects?

A mouse or trac-pad

What is 10-key?

10-key is the numeric pad on the right side of a keyboard and also the same format on a calculator. When learning to type with a 10-key pad the row 4,5,6 becomes you home key.

Where is key pad code on 2007 F350?

the pad is right on the driver side of the door

Does the iPhone 5 have a slide out key pad?


What is the keyless entry key pad entry code on a 2008 Ford Escape?

Each vehicle with a key pad has it's own factory code

What is the small keypad on the key board called?

10-Key or number pad

How do you change the brake pads on a 2002 Mitsubishi Montero Sport?

You will need to remove the tire and wheel from your 2002 Mitsubishi. Remove the brake pad spring. Remove the brake caliper. Reverse the process to install the new brake pads.

How do you get a CD out of an apple laptop?

Press the "eject" key which is the foremost upper right key on the key pad.

Where is the immobilizer key pad on a Honda CRX we have a key and a code number but can not find a numerical pad to put the number in?

If the key looks like a circuit board, try the slot underneath the steering wheel.