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You should be able to use a mic on FIFA in the same way that you would with any other game on the PS3. Simply turn on your mic when the game has loaded, and as long as it has enough battery, you should be able to talk, and hear what other people are saying.

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โˆ™ 2014-09-17 20:57:27
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Q: How do you use mic on FIFA for PS3?
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Yes as you said it is for the PS3

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Mic- PS3 Controller & mic Guitar- PS3 Guitar Bass- PS3 Guitar Drums- Ps3 Drums JA

Can you create a team in FIFA Soccer 09 for PS3?

No you need to use the PS3 game FIFA Soccer 10

Can you use a wireless mic on PS3 guitar hero?

Yes you can use a wireless microphone

Why is a blue tooth needed to be used for ps3 internettalking?

PS3 controllers use Bluetooth to connect to the PS3 and your headset Mic is a form of Controller

Can you use the ps2 eye toy for PS3?

Yes! The camera and the mic will work.

What are the problems of a PS3?

i cant seem to connect my ps3 mic to my ps3?

Ps3 on red dead redemption can you use a mic?

You can use a microphone to communicate in Red Dead Redemption.

Can you use singstar mic with karaoke revolution?

I've tried it on the PS3 and it doesn't read the singstar mic for any of the ps2 karaoke revolutions, but they do work for the American idol encore 2 PS3 game.

What can you do with a PS3 camera?

You can use it as a mic, video chat with friends, or take pictures with EyeCreate.

How do you use squad chat on MAG for the PS3?

To use squad chat on PS3 simply talk into the mic. Unless you are a leader you can only talk in squad chat. Squad chat is however disabled if no one else in your squad has or is using a mic.

Will a ps3 mic work for ps2?


Does the ps3 slim come with a mic?

No it does not

Can you use an ipod touch as a mic for the ps3?

As of right now no ,but they might make that possible in the future

How to change your ps3 cam into a mic?

The PlayStation Eye camera already includes a Mic

Will the ps2 mics work on the PS3?

Yes, a USB mic will work on PS3.

Can a halo reach mic work on a ps3?


Can you use two ps3 controllers on fifa for the PC?

PS3 controllers do not work on the PC, so no you can't even use one no matter what the game is

FIFA 09 PS3?

Yes, it came out on the ps3.

How do you talk on PS3 online?

either buy a wireless bluetooth mic, or wired mic. connect or plug in the mic and then should be ready to chat :)

How do i get a mic for a PS3?

argos/game/gamestation mate :)

Do a xbox 360 mic work on a ps3?

No it wouldn't but I bet if there is a universal Mic it could work, but I doubt it...

Can you use a rock band mic with black ops?

Highly doubt it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes if your talking about the PS3 Rock Band mic you can, because I do it all the time, not sure about other consoles though

When does the new FIFA soccer game for PS3 come out?

FIFA Soccer 10 (PS3) will be released on October 20, 2009

Does the xbox 360 mic work for PS3?

possably because the port fits in the ps3 usb