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i think that they are the same and not different because they some up with the same meaning

omg hahahaha somebody wrote thi (wasnt me) and it doesnt even answer the ? haha

idk tho

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Use petulant in a sentence?

He was moved to show irritation, with a petulant shake of the head

Use the word petulant in a sentence?

After he scolded her, she was petulant in her demeanor, upbraiding him with swear words worthy of a sailor.

Sentence for petulant?

there was a petulant person in the market.

Sentence with word petulant?

What a petulant and grumpy old chap that was!

What is an example of a sentence using the word petulant?

That was a petulant remark.Your petulant behavior will get you nowhere. Only immature people are petulant when they don't get their way.

Petulant used in a sentence?

Petulant voice cried: " oh, stop it!

Petulant in a sentence?

After he scolded her, she was petulant in her demeanor, upbraiding him with swear words worthy of a sailor.

A compound sentence with the word petulant?

He's an angry, petulant child and no one likes to play with him.

Can you please make me sentence using petulant?

Petulant: having an irritable and unpleasant dispositionIt would be the worse for us if our petulant prayers were answered.She turned her head aside, with a quick, petulantaction.

What is a sentence for the word petulant?

She's a miserable, petulant woman who's rude to everyone she meets. He whined like a petulant child when he lost the tennis match.

What is a 15 word sentence with the word petulant?

My daughter became petulant when I asked her what time she came home last night.

Can you use petulant in a sentence?

"Well, he didn't invite me to his party so I'm certainly not inviting him to mine!" she said petulantly.

Sentence using petulant?

The petuant child favoured us with his sad and sulky look.

What is the difference between the words 'petulant' and 'belligerent'?

Petulant means grouchy while belligerent means on the warpath.

Meaning of word PETULENT?

Saucy, capriciously impatient or irritable (from Latin petulans, petulant- insolent, wanton). Behaving in an angry, silly way, like a child.Examples of usage: a petulant demand, a petulantanswer, petulant behaviour, a petulant mood.'The pride and petulance of youth' ~Watts

How do you use testily in a sentence?

The word 'testily' is an adverb for in a petulant manner, impatiently, irritably. Example sentence:When a student questioned the professor's explanations, he testily replied, "I have a few more year's experience in these matters than you, young man!"

What is another word that has the root word peto in it?

You can use Petulant which is irratable or short-tempered.

What does petulant mean?

Petulant means easily annoyed and complaining in a childish way Synonys:Irritable,Peevish

What is the antonym for petulant?


What is an antonym of petulant?


What part of speech is petulant?

It is an adjective.

Another word for easily irritated?


What are words with the root peto?

Impetuous & Petulant

What is the opposite of petulant?

Good-natured, happy, pleasant...

What is an antonym for petulant?

Good-natured, happy, pleasant...