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How do you use projector as a monitor?

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what is the work of projector as a output of the computer what is the work of projector as a output of the computer

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What is a projector or monitor port?

Its the socket in the computer where the monitor or projector is plugged in

What is the use of a computer projector?

A projector is to project what you will screen on a monitor. It is normally used for meetings, school eduction and work.

Is data projector a monitor?


What is PC projector?

A PC Projector Interfaces with a computer to project what is on the monitor to a large screen.

Will BenQ M660P Projector work on Imac?

Yes, it will work fine. You can use the USB out or the Monitor out connections.

Is projector an out put device?

yes, it's similar to a monitor, and there is no way to input data from projector.

What components that can be connect to vga port?

Monitor and projector

Ways to monitor a projector on a network?

If the projector is SNMP enabled, any network monitoring software out there will be able to do it for you.

The function of the computer projector?

it shows the monitor screen on a wall

What are the Three examples of types of technology?

a computer, a projector and a monitor

What is an examples of VDU?

a monitor, an computer screen, a projector

How to connect a projector to PC?

Connect the VGA monitor out on the PC to the VGA input on the projector. If your projector does not have a VGA or DVI input, the resolution of the projector is probably not high enough to adequately display the screen of a computer.

Is a projector a input device?

No, it serves for output, like a monitor or printer

What component thant can be connet to vga port?

A monitor or a video projector.

Which device is an output device?

Monitor, printer, speaker, projector, etc.

Examples of soft copy output devices?

monitor speaker and projector

When do you use RGB in Photoshop?

When you are creating an image to be displayed on a screen (ie. computer monitor, TV, cell phone, electronic tablet, or projector).

Are there GPS tracking devices in projector?

i think it should be. what make Ethernet to be working with a projector that someone can monitor and controlling the projector from far distance. i think the GPS should also be working for projectors.

Can you use a computer without a monitor?

Yes, you can use a computer without a visual display device specifically made for computers. Examples include projector screens or most newer Flat TV screens with a computer monitor input plug.

What are 3 peripherals used for computer output?

printer, monitor, projector, headphones

How many basic output devices are there?


List 5 output devices excluding printer speaker and monitor?

*headphones *monitor *speaker *GPS *projector hope that helps :)

How could you use projector in a sentence?

" Go get me that projector, please".

Is a computer projector an input or output device?

A projector is strictly an output device. It merely displays what would appear on the monitor/screen. Touchscreens are I/O devices.

A user has connected a digital projector to the external monitor port on a laptop computer but the projector indicates that there is no RGB signal What should the user try first to resolve the problem?

Press the function key that will redirect the video output to the external monitor.

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