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your mom was rebuked

They would rebuke every idea she had.

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How do you use rebuke a sentence?

I wasn't bad enough for the teacher to rebuke me.

Rebuke in a sentence?

I rebuke to fight

A sentence for rebuke?

Example sentence - She was adept at avoiding the rebuke that would surely come.

Rebuke used in a sentence?

Question doesn't really make sense....but if you asking for a sentence with the word rebuke it can be "Devil, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus"

What is the meaning of rebuke in this sentence May God rebuke him?

God punish him.

How do you use rebukes in a sentence?

Paul didnt take the Rebuke from his father very well

How can you use the word salutary in a sentence?

Upon sagacious reflection, Simon realized that his parents' rebuke though painful, was salutary.

How do you properly use the word ignominious in a sentence?

Ignominious: deserving rebuke/shameful His atrocious behavior at the party was truly ignominious.

Sentence for reprimand?

The word reprimand means an official rebuke or admonition. A sample sentence is: "He suffered a harsh reprimand from his boss".

What is rebuke?

some synonyms for rebuke are to admonish, call down, or castigate.

How do you use the word objurgation in a sentence?

Objurgation is a rarely-used noun meaning a severe rebuke, berating or chastisement.When the embezzler was caught red-handed, the vehement objurgation by his superiors left him shell-shocked.

What is the opposite of rebuke?

The opposite of to rebuke is to praise, commend, laud, or applaud.A rebuke is a strong criticism or denunciation, and the opposite would be praise, compliment, or commendation.

What is a noun of rebuke?

The word 'rebuke' is both a verb and a noun. The noun rebuke is a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for an expression of sharp disapproval or criticism. Example uses: Noun: His rebuke ruined my enthusiasm for completing the assignment. Verb: Ms. Lincoln had to rebuke Jonas for peeking at his neighbors work.

How did god use a jackass in the bible?

To rebuke the disobedience of the false prophet Bilam son of Be'or.

Use the word rebuke in a sentence?

Two definitions: -verb (used with object) 1. to express sharp, stern disapproval of; reprove; reprimand. -noun 2. sharp, stern disapproval; reproof; reprimand. 1. Mother would sometimes rebuke me for leaving my spinach on my plate. 2. Mother's rebukes were stinging and cruel, and I always wanted to redeem myself afterwards.

What do you say to rebuke the evil out?


What are the Greek and Hebrew words for rebuke?

Hebrew: to rebuke is Nazaf (נזף) Greek: ἐπιπλήσσω

Use embalmers in a sentence?

i do not know how to use embalming in a sentence. (there is the sentence)

Another word for criticise sharply?


What is another word for rebuke?

Buked or Buking

What is a synonym for rebuke?

Upbraid, Chide, Admonish

What is the English name of pagsisisi?

rebuke, reprimand

Meaning of chide?

It means to scold or rebuke

What does upbraid mean in the stoy of Macbeth?


How can you use exponent in a sentence?

"It is easy to use an exponent in a sentence." There, that sentence uses it!