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his mother has a terrestrial bracelet

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Q: How do you use terrestrial planet in a simple sentence?
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Use the word terrestrial planet in sentence?

Earth is a terrestrial planet. The three other terrestrial planets are Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

How do you use terrestrial planet in a sentence?

A terrestrial planet is one that, like Earth, has a solid surface as well as a dense core.(The antonym is gas giant planet.)A planet designated as a terrestrial planet may not actually have conditions favorable to lifeforms found on Earth.

How do you use the word terrestrial in a sentence?

All known life is terrestrial.

How do you use terrestrial plane in a sentence?

Susan flew the new terrestrial plane for the Air Force.

How do you use planet in a sentence?

I live on the planet Earth.

How can you use terrestrial planets in a sentence?

ya face ya know

What does a simple sentence use?

A simple sentence uses a subject and a verb..

How would you use planet as a sentence?

Planet Earth is where I live.

How do you use the word simple machine in a sentence?

A typewriter is a simple machine that people can use.

How do you use the word earthly in a sentence?

It was a earthly planet

How do you use the word gravidy in a sentence?

There was no gravity on that planet.

Use extrinsic in a sentence?

The extrinsic alien was not from this planet

How can you use infinitesimally in a sentence?

There is an infinitesimally amount of bacteria in the planet.

How do you use planetary in a sentence?

planetary has a root word and it is planet

How do you use architect in a simple sentence?

Like this; I am an architect.

Can you use the word dissident in a simple sentence?

i am a dissident

Could you use affection in a simple sentence?


How can you use unsympathetic in a simple sentence?

I am unsympathetic to your need.

Can you use a compound subject in a simple sentence?


How do you use expedition in a simple sentence?

i went on an expedition

How do you use boundaries in a simple sentence?

The field had boundaries.

How do you use to corrupt in a simple sentence?

i think politicaly

How do you use Logging in a simple sentence?

This is a logging road.

How do you use cudgel in sentence?

A cudgel is a simple weapon.

How do you use the word primogeniture in a sentence?

simple: "How do you use the word primogeniture in a sentence?"<---that is a complete sentence. its go:t a verb(use) subject(you?) preprositional phrase(in a sentence) and a preprosition(in).