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How do you use terrestrial planet in a simple sentence?

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his mother has a terrestrial bracelet

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Earth is a terrestrial planet. The three other terrestrial planets are Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

A terrestrial planet is one that, like Earth, has a solid surface as well as a dense core.(The antonym is gas giant planet.)A planet designated as a terrestrial planet may not actually have conditions favorable to lifeforms found on Earth.

Susan flew the new terrestrial plane for the Air Force.

I live on the planet Earth.

A simple sentence uses a subject and a verb..

Planet Earth is where I live.

A typewriter is a simple machine that people can use.

There was no gravity on that planet.

The extrinsic alien was not from this planet

simple: "How do you use the word primogeniture in a sentence?"<---that is a complete sentence. its go:t a verb(use) subject(you?) preprositional phrase(in a sentence) and a preprosition(in).

There is an infinitesimally amount of bacteria in the planet.

planetary has a root word and it is planet

A cudgel is a simple weapon.

well......... planets can be use in a sentence in many ways for example: our solar system use to have nine planets but now they don't OR My favorite planet is Jupiter (or any other planet that you like.

This is simple question. It may be answered in a simple sentence; He responded politely.

Example sentence - The simple dessert was deceptively delicious.

Okay... Here's a simple one... When I turn 21 I will contribute in politics. Simple and lame but it's a sentence right?

Today at school we had a easy teacher, school was simple.

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