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How do you use the Honda radio unlock code?

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Just obtain the radio code and when you turn key power on, radio should read code and enter the number on you radio station preset numbers should be 1 2 3 4 5 6

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Q: How do you use the Honda radio unlock code?
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How do you reset Honda 2003 radio?

You must insert the 5 digit code in the radio. Use the radio preset buttons to do this. If you do not have the code then you will have to get the serial # off the radio. With that serial # any Honda dealer will be able to supply the code.

How do you enter radio code for 2007 Honda Civic?

Use the radio preset buttons to enter the code after turning the ignition on.

How do you enter the number 0 for Honda radio code?

To input the numbers on the Honda radio code use the preset keys. The buttons allow the numbers to scroll between 0 and 9.

What does error E mean on my 2004 Honda accord radio?

It means there was an error inputting the codes to unlock the radio. If the radio locks just leave it on and in about 1 hour of use it will unlock and allow you to try again.

Honda CR-V After changing of accumulator radio does error-3 write how to enter a code?

there should be a little card with a 5 digit code that came with the vehicle that you need to enter to re-enable the radio. this is the anti theft feature of the radio, so if its stolen then no one can use it without this random 5 digit code set for that radio. if you are getting any err-## code you need to disconnect a battery terminal and reconnect it which will reset the radio and display "code" on the radio, then use the numbers 1-6 on the buttons and enter the 5 digit code. if you don't have the little card i would suggest calling Honda w/ the VIN and see if you can get the unlock code for it.

How do you enter the code into the radio of a Honda accord?

Once you see code on the display use the preset buttons to enter the 5 digit code.

How do you reset radio in Honda 2005 ater changing car battery?

You have to use the radio preset to insert the 5 digit code that came with the car on a small tag. Look in the owners manual and everywhere inside the glove box for this code. If you cannot find it go to http://owners. honda. com/hondalink (Remove spaces) and register you Honda. After registering you can get the code by clicking Retrieve Radio/Nac Code on the left in the menu.

How do you unlock radio?

by use the manual...

What is the code to unlock radio on 2000 Mitsubishi mirage?

You have to get the code from the dealership. You can't use the vin number of the car you have to use the serial number on the radio itself. The serial number can only be found by removing the head unit (the CD player). The serial number is on a sticker on the radio.

How do you enter a Volvo radio unlock code?

use the preset buttons to enter the correct numbers, then press the "aux" button

Can you use a 1994 Honda accord factory radio in a 2000 Honda civic?

i have a 94 prelude CD player in my 99 civic all you have to do is call Honda and get the security code for the CD player

Where do you use the code to unlock car radio?

You use the preset station buttons on your radio in the code order, if you have entered it correctly after the last number entered it will set to on mode in approx 5 secs then you set your prefered stations as per normal.

Honda 2003 accord can't set clock its blinking or use radio or CD player after it was in repair shop?

To set the appropriate code on a radio in a 2003 Honda Accord go to a dealership. Each code is made individually for every car and will need to be reprogramed by a service tech.

How does the anti-theft work on a Oldsmobile intrigue 1999?

I assume you are referring to the radio? It has a four-digit security code that the owner can set. When the power to the radio is disconnected, (either because of battery removal/failure, or because the radio was removed) the radio will "lock" and the four-digit security code must be entered again to unlock the radio, before you will be able to use it again. If you do not know the security code, you will need to take the car to a GM dealership, and they will have to unlock it for you.

How do you unlock my Honda crv 2007 tape?

You can call a locksmith to unlock your Honda CRV 2007 if you have lost your keys. Locksmiths have special tools that allow them safely unlock your car without causing damage. You can not use tape to unlock your Honda CRV 2007.

Stereo has no sound after installing new battery in Honda element?

Honda radios have a security feature which prevents their use if they are stolen. This security feature is activated if the radio is disconnected from the battery (I.E. battery in car replaced). There should be a security code in your owners manual. Enter the correct code, and the radio will work. If you don't have the original owners manual, (or you can't find the information), you will have to go to a Honda dealer. They will have to verify ownership of the car/radio and can then look up the code.

How do reset a Honda Accord radio that says Error E?

Unlocking Error E on Honda AccordI had the same problem after my battery died and I didn't know what "Code" meant so I just pushed buttons until I got Error E and it locked up. You need to disconnect one battery terminal for 30 seconds or so, then reconnect, and the radio will say "Code" again. Type in the 5 digit code found on the Anti-Theft Radio Identification Card (a white credit card size card that comes with the vehicle at the time of purchase). This will unlock the radio and return it to a functional state. It worked for me, so I hope that helps. Try thisI discovered a very easy and FREE way to fix your radio. Make sure your radio is OFF. Hold down the preset buttons 1 and 6 at the same time. Turn the radio on and your SERIAL NUMBER will appear. 4 numbers first and then 4 more. Write them down (obviously) then call (800) 999-1009. Make sure you have your VIN number handy because they will ask for it. They will ask for your name and approx. milage, and your radio's serial number. They will then give you your radio unlock code--WRITE IT DOWN!IF you have the VIN#, and are registered with Honda, you can go to their website You will need to enter your VIN#, registered phone number and zip code as well as your radio/nav serial number (retrieval process detailed above). The site walks you through the inputs and if successful, then spits either your radio code or nav code.

Honda Accord 1998 radio code error 1?

means the anitheft kicked in. It happened to me when we changed the battery in my 1998 Honda accord lx. It does this so when someone steals your radio they can't use it, not that it works that well cause you can just call in the serial number on the radio and get the 5 digit code.Which is what your going to have to do. take out the radio and get the code cause the dealer will charge you a 99$ labor fee. Good luck

What is the radio unlock code for my Mercedes 190E 2.6 1990 body style 4s?

You might try 33343. It is the one I use for my 1991 model

How do you unlock a 1998 Acura radio?

duude you use your hands to do it

How can you unlock backdoor driver side on Honda hrv?

Use the keys

How do you put the code numbers that you have into a car radio?

Use the number buttons on the radio. Once you input the code the radio will we reset.

How to get a radio code for a 2002 SE Honda Accord?

Honda Accord AnswerWhen the car was bought new, there were 2 small cards with the code written on them. They are either 5 or 6 digit codes. Search for these cards and also look in your owners manual to see if the codes are written somewhere. If you cannot find the codes, then you have only two choices. Call the selling dealer and see if they have a record of the codes. If not, you must acquire the serial # off the radio in order to get the codes. This will require you to remove the radio from the vehicle, or at the very least remove it enough to read the serial #. A small hand held mirror may help. Once you have this serial #, any Honda dealer can use it to provide the code. There are also sites on-line that will provide the code for a fee. Search with the term "Honda Radio Codes" The code for the radio is 55223 give it a try i have an accord 02 se and i got the code for it from family Honda

What is the radio code for a 2004 Honda Accord?

Your radio has it's own unique code. The idea being that if someone steals it, they cannot use it in their car or re-sell it, because they don't have your code. Your Honda dealer can provide your code. When your car was new, the code was supplied on a plastic card with the owner's manual. On older Accords the code could also sometimes be found on a very small white decal located behind the glove box door. Worst case, remove the radio to look at the label on top of it, write down the model and serial number from it, have your car's VIN handy, and code is available either from Honda, or numerous locations online. ------------------------------ If you will go to the Honda owners link which I will post and register your Honda there, you can get the code for free. I have availed myself of this service many times on customers Hondas. (Where is the link?)

How do you remove the manufacturer radio from a 2006 Honda Civic?

Here you go, I just did this yesterday. Make sure you have your radio code before you remove power. I didn't realize that a code was needed to access the radio after it loses power. If you happen to have the code, I could really use that info.