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you have to link up with someone else through a game link, then use mistery gift.
put in LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL at a Pokemon mart

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Q: How do you use the Mystery Gift in Pokemon Emerald?
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Can you use mystery gift online in Pokemon emerald?

Yes actually you can use the mystery gift online in Emerald. Enjoy!

How do you use the Mystery Gift in Pokemon Emerald wireless with a ds?


Dawn stone Pokemon Emerald?

Dawn stones aren't available in Pokemon Emerald. Use Mystery Gift.

What does the Mystery Gift in Pokemon Emerald do?

You get another game ruby,sapphire,emerald and use cables to link and use the mystery gift and u get the mystic ticket once u do tat

What do you use the mystery gift for?

you use it for catching Pokemon but you need a wireless adaptor (emerald version)

How do you use Mystery Gift in Pokemon Emerald?

you put in your cable adapter or use action replay

How do you use the Mystery Gift in Pokemon Sapphire?

U can not get Mystery Gift on Pokemon Sapphire(same thing with Ruby.)To use Mystery Gift U hav 2 get a wireless addapter.But science U can not use 1 on Pokemon Sapphire, (and Ruby,) U can ONLY get it on Pokemon Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen.

How can you use the Mystery box in Pokemon Emerald?

Just Access the Mystery Gift........And,use a wireless communication system.what if my adapter does not WORK

Where do you get a Mystic ticket for Pokemon Emerald without a Nintendo Event?

You actually can. You just need to use mystery event or mystery gift.

How you get mysticticket in emerald?

you could use the mystery gift

Which mart do you get mystery gift in pokemon emerald?

In any PokeMart, which a small note near Clerk. Fill it out, and use these words: LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL Then, the Clerk will give you Mystery Gift.

What is the use of the mystery gift in pokemon emerald?

U can use the mystery gift 5 times a day..but not more than 1 per user..u get random presents..look in the sources for the link[down].

How do you get someone to receive the mystery gift in Pokemon emerald?

go to the sky pillar an use the item finder then it will show up

How do you use the old sea map in emerald?

Mystery Gift

Can you use the mystery gift with a link cable?

The Mystery Gift in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen all use the wireless adapter that goes into the GameBoy Advance to obtain special Nintendo events and/or DLC. (Downloadable content) The link cable was only used for the Mystery Gift in Pokemon Silver, Gold, and Crystal.

How can you get a mystic ticket in Pokemon emerald version on Game Boy?

You must either attend a Pokemon event, use mystery gift with someone who has attended an event or use action replay.

Is there anyother way to get the 2 tickets if don't live near where they host the Nintendo event or have an action replay- Pokemon fire red?

If you have a Pokemon emerald game you could just use mystery gift to active mystery gift go to any poke mart there is a paper you write link together with all and the person that sells you items says from now on when you turn on the game boy with emerald in it it will say mystery gift on the bottom then you need 2 adapters then you put it on one gameboy then to an other that has mystery gift in that other emerald.

How do you use the mystery gift in emerald?

I've heard it has something to do with the Altering Cave.

How do you get to islands 8 9 on Pokemon leaf green version?

use the mystery gift option use the mystery gift option

What is Mystery Gift in Pokemon?

the mystrey gift is dexoys but you have to have the aurora ticket to use it.

How do you use the Mystery Gift in Pokemon Emerald if you had a wireless adapter?

Answerconect with a friend.then u can get different tickets to different islands like moon island

Do I have to use a wireless adaptor Can't I use one with a cord for the mystery gift in Pokemon firered?

yes but I dont know what to do with mystery gift

Do you have to use the mystery gift to get the azure flute?

to get the Pokemon arcuse

How do use mystery gift for Pokemon heartgold?

You have to be connected to wifi.

On Pokemon do you need a gameboy advanced for the mystery gift cable or can you use a Nintendo ds?

i belive that you can use the ds but it has to be on a certain day, week, month, etc... if you want mystery gift than check out the Pokemon webstie. it has all the info for mystery gift, where and how to get them.