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How do you use the death cards on call of duty please tell me fast I don't know what coop means?


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2008-12-25 09:04:05

coop means two players i got the game and its sik two players :D

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you have to play online with friends that also have those death cards

there are no death cards in the Wii version i own it to and there is no nazi zombie mode ether

Once you have found them, go into a campagin lobby and select death cards then select which one you want to play with.

Death cards are located at certain places of the campaign e.x. Makin atoll before first fighting check the huts for one

Go find to Co-op mode and find the opinion in the menu:Death CardsIt's kind of obvious,so why couldn't YOU figure it out?

No, when you find a death card you can use it when you start the next game if you wish.

It means don't call him and he will call you later on instead. you are looking into it way more than you need to.

It means to call or email someone.

Death Cards can ONLY be activated for Co-Op. From the main menu, go to Cooperative, then Settings, then Game Rules, then Enable Death Card cheats, and all the ones that you have unlocked will be available on the right side. You can only activate the Death Cards that you have already found in the Campaign

You can activate them in a xbox live private match

f you mean death cards you get an achievment/trophy (15g i think.)

They give you things like cheats in Co-op Campaign.

when you collect them, you can activate them for a campaign mission, some have advantages and some have disadvantages

they are automaticly activated when you play multy player

There are no cheats, only death cards. These are collected by playing Single Player Campaign.

When somebody plays cards and we call them a shark

The Death Cards on COD WaW allow you to add effects to the game. For example: You find a Death Card and collect it, then you activate it in a new Campaign mission and grenades are duds. Every card has a different effect.

When the person in the betting position before you places a wager, three options are available: call, raise or fold. When you call, you are matching that wager, raising means that you increase the bet and a fold means that you yield your cards and wait for a better day.

To use cheats, you must collect 'death cards' in game (look out for hidden posts with hats on) They unlock cheats when playing multiplayer such as use paintball guns, and pistols fire grenades. For exact location of the death cards, look on and search 'grunt soldiers'. They give exact locations of all the death cards in the game.

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